Paradigm City Achievement Guide

#An achievement guide for Paradigm City. If I missed any or if some are not clear in their descriptions please let me know and I’ll change it ASAP

#This guide contains spoilers for the entire game! If you have not finished it or otherwise want to experience things for yourself do not read it.
#Chapter One “Capetown Dreaming” achievements:
KO! - Settled an issue with your fists. Decisively. In the confrontation with the bully during the field trip select Attack him - without your powers and have (Brawn > 2).
Vigilante justice. – Brought in a wanted criminal. Choose to pursue the criminal without backup, it’ll be unlocked after the confrontation with either Mike, Purge, or Taurine.
Destiny Averted. - Failed at the first possible point - way to go, hero. Fail to graduate by having (brains = 1), (bravado = 1), going after the criminal by yourself, fighting the bully with your powers, and by choosing reason #5 (you don’t know) when asked why do you want to become a hero by Sentinel in the playground scene.
Academy Jock. – Stuck to a certain path. Have (brawn > 2) by graduation day.
Academy Nerd. – Stuck to a certain path. Have (brains > 2) by graduation day.
Academy Socialite. – Stuck to a certain path. Have (bravado > 2) by graduation day.
Graduation. – You graduated! Graduate at the end of chapter one.
#Chapter Two “SOLAR” achievements:
Here Hero, Have A Trophy. – Got two trophies by the time you graduated. Select Your Cadet School mixed martial arts trophy. when asked what did you bring that you cherish the most and win the boxing championship in chapter one.
Captured The Flag. – Captured their flag! Win a game of capture the flag.
Captured Your Flag. – They captured your flag! Lose a game of capture the flag.
Never Out Of Style! - Wore a cape, despite Aegis’ command. Add a cape when designing your costume.
SOLAR-Powered - Went with the standard-issue outfit. Design a costume according to Aegis’ command.
Workplace Romance - Got into a workplace ‘entanglement’. Select either Damian, Ryan, or Naomi when asked who you keep going back to during the first nightclub scene.
It’s My First Day… – Completed your first day with the team - and what a day! Finish chapter two.
#Chapter Three “A New Paradigm” achievements:
A Golden Clue – Found the first clue. Either select Tell them to turn this place upside down, leave nothing unturned. when investigating the house or have (brains > 2).
A Golden Rat – Found the second clue. Have (brains >2) or (bravado>2) when investigating the clinic.
A Golden Flag – Found the third clue. When interrogating Misschief select Try to bad cop her with intimidation and have (brawn >2) or (bravado >2); or select Try to good cop her with persuasion and have (bravado >2) or (brains >2).
Forgive And Forget – Forgave Frederic for his youthful mistakes. Choose to forgive the bully from the field trip when going to the nightclub at Blueshift’s request.
Giantslayer – Slew the spear-wielding giant. Kill Jotun during the Maekir confrontation.
Bluesnitch – Reported Blueshift to your commanding officer. Watch Blueshift murder the informant at the nightclub and then report him to Aegis.
Shifting Respect – Acquired Blueshift’s respect. Let’s hope you didn’t have to do something terrible to get it. Don’t report Blueshift.
Benched! – Benched Anima due to her volatile nature. When asked by Aegis, choose to bench Anima.
Cheating the System – Showed a villain the power of teamwork. Work with the rest of the team to apprehend Charr.
One Down, More To Go – Conducted your first case. Finish chapter three.
#Chapter Four “Metamorphosis” achievements:
Love Thy Enemy – Let Courser live, despite his treachery. Choose to spare courser during the final confrontation with him.
Stay The Course – Learned the reasons behind Courser’s treachery. Select Examine the most recent audio files when examining Courser’s files.
In Exarch’s Shadow – Learned about Blueshift’s past. Select Examine Courser’s files on Exarch when examining Courser’s files.
Animated – Restored Ada in full. Select Bring the charge up quickly when assisting Blueshift with restoring Ada and have (power > 1).
Shifting Respect – Acquired Blueshift’s respect. Let’s hope you didn’t have to do something terrible to get it. Succeed in fully restoring Ada.
One Perfect Moment – Enjoyed one perfect, final afternoon. Romance either Dawn or Alan in chapter one and choose Greet her/him warmly, like no time has passed when meeting with them.
O’Connell’s Warning – Heard the warning from an old friend. Get warned by Dawn or Alan about the conspiracy.
Metamorphosis – Endured. Finish chapter four.
#Chapter Five “Nemesis” achievements:
Just Business – Turned the mercenaries against their employer. Make a deal with the Maekir team and call it in when going after Sentinel.
Illusion and Forgery – Defeated Sentinel’s lieutenants. Defeat Mirage and Hephaestus when going after Sentinel.
Make It Personal – Spat in the face of a god, metaphorically or otherwise. Either spit in Sentinel’s face or select “Fuck you, Sentinel.” during the dialogue before the final showdown.
Deicide – Killed a god. Kill Sentinel during the final battle.
Sentinel’s Victory – You hesitated. Sentinel didn’t. Select Kill him/her and then _ There must be another way…_ on the last choice of the final battle.
Paradigm’s Savior – Dispatched your nemesis - one way or another. Finish chapter five.
#Chapter Six “Apotheosis” achievements:
Sentinel’s Ally – Formed a working relationship with your nemesis. Choose to apprehend Sentinel during the final confrontation and Side with Sentinel’s vision when talking to them in jail.
A House of Lies – Lied to the Tribunal, and got away with it. It is safe to lie as long as you have (bravado > 3) and the number of lies isn’t superior to your (bravado + 1).
Paradigm Calling – Solved the whole case. To achieve this one you must have found all the clues during the investigation and you get extra information if you 1) managed to apprehend Charr; and/or 2) acquired information from Maekir.
The Cost of Empathy – Learned about Aegis’ past. Select Ask Aegis about Arusha when talking to her after the tribunal and have (relationship > 60).
O’Captain, My Captain – Came out of it all as the new squad leader. Nice work. Accept Aegis’ offer; she’ll make the proposition if you managed to get away clean from the tribunal or if you have (relationship > 75).
Oneirophobia – There are certain limits you can’t - or shouldn’t - push beyond. Select is yours, and yours alone when glimpsing the thing we don’t know what is yet during chapter five.
For The Future – What does the future hold? Finish chapter six.
The End – The End! Finish the game.
#Extra achievements:
Pure Professional – Finish the game with no romances. Self-explanatory.
Luck Of The Irish – Completed the game without romancing one of the O’Connell twins. Self-explanatory.
Mind Over Matters – Completed the game in a romance with Al-Jinn.
Coursing – Completed the game in an ill-fated romance with Courser.
All-American – Completed the game in a romance with Chevalier.
Luck Of The Irish – Completed the game without romancing one of the O’Connell twins.
SOLAR Friendly – Made friends with everyone in your team, even Blueshift. Have (relationship > 70) with every member of the team.
Traditionalist – Stuck to the traditional way of doing things. Have (classical > 50) by the end of the game.
The New Way – Embraced the new type of global heroism. Have (classical < 50) by the end of the game.
Gravitational Pull – Kept your team together. Finish the game with 6 remaining team members.
Flexual Healing – Reach a Brawn rating of at least 5 by the end of the game.
Brains… – Reach a Brains rating of at least 5 by the end of the game.
Johnny Bravado – Reach a Bravado rating of at least 5 by the end of the game.
Shock Therapy – Reach a Power rating of at least 5 by the end of the game.
UNLIMTEDDD POWERRR – Reached a Power level of at least 8 by the end of the game.



+1 in Capetown chapter. If you stay at the school you can train your power, or if you go to the camp you can get by using your powers against the bully or if you don’t use your power by thinking you should have used it.

+1 in Solar chapter. If you win the capture the flag exercise (just follow Courage’s plan).

+1 in City chapter. At the conclusion of the fight against Jottun.

+1 in Metamorphosis chapter. If you kill Courser.

And +3 in Nemesis chapter. If you choose “#-is yours, and yours alone.”