CCH Help :hints and spoiler discussion

How do you get the rub a dub dub achievement? What choices do I have to make in order to get that achievement? I cant get Stoic to smile too lol its just so hard. So far I’ve unlocked all the achievements except for these two, can someone please help? Its my first time posting hihi

If I remember right, Rub a Dub Dub is about taking a “shower” :smile: right? If so, just date Tress, and when her Secret is revealed during the press conference, just go visit with her and offer to “Shower”. Getting Stoic to smile is a bit trickier… During Downfall’s class(specifically the Gauntlet), you face off against Stoic, when your other options fail, there should be a slightly obtuse one that gets the Achievement(something along the lines of “try this or fail”, think it’s the bottom most option), if you have anymore questions just let me know. Have fun. :sweat_smile:

Getting stoic to smile is easy. When you face her in your first test for breaking people, try to give her a raspberry

@COGZealot It never gave me an option to have a shower with Tress :frowning: … Finally got Stoic to smile, thanks :smile: .

@Nathan_Faxon How about the rub a dub dub achievement? also thanks :slight_smile:

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The exact option you should choose(as long as you have a good relationship with and are dating her as well) is “Do you want some company?”(or something like that), after she says she’s going to take a shower, and to make yourself comfortable.

@COGZealot Ah, finally I got it haha thank you… Took me a half an hour to get it :frowning: .

So on Community’s College Hero is there a way to be leader without dating someone? I wanna play through as leader without dating kust incase im the mext book We have new dating opportunities thanks in advance

The answers to your question are all right here in this steam thread.