Community College Hero Secrets help

How do you get Stoic and Origami’s secrets? I’m fairly sure I’ve got Origami, you just take every opportunity to be nice to her and all that. But Stoic has me stumped. Thanks in advance

Stoic’s secret isn’t actually accessible in CCH Game 1.

While I quite like that tantalizing hint, I think Eric said somewhere that he now intends to remove it from the stat screen and put it back in in Game 2.

Origami’s secret:

DO NOT shoot her.
Go to the HELL study group and agree with her ideas.
Don’t raise your hand in Downfall’s class.
Go to the slumber party and express your platonic feelings for her for a last minute boost. You should be able to get her secret once she runs out of the room.


I thought everyone’s secrets were available as part of that class. You just got to choose to talk to stoic and choose her for group excises and I think the defense study group with her and Wombat

Since you’re the diety of all things COG… do you have a hint for me to get the, um, unicorn horn achievement?

I’ve played a jillion times, but never get close to her, aaaand never can get a bonus from Downfall or the Hedonist.

I’m, um, challenged.

Deity of CoG? That’s a rather flattering nickname :smile:

be sure to date Uni. (mention she’s cute and take the fall.) and go on a date with her. Mention that you miss her horn and when you get back there should be an option to ahem… use the horn…


BTW- got it but did not expect the cowboy hat! Being as my MC is female, I rather think that opened up an, um, option or two.