Community College Hero Hints?

Does anyone know if its possible to get an A in all the classes? If yes, can you please explain how? If no, what is the highest grade you can get and how?
And also, how can I romance Dirty Girl?

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For the Acrobat and Soldier (it will not get you an A on all subjects, but you only need a 3.0 GPA to her the upgrades):

To romance Dirty Girl, you need first to keep dancing with her when you both go to the rave, side with Crook on what to do with Contrarian and later either kiss her or agree to go out with her at the reunion.


Thanks man, I appreciate it.

Hi how romance crook and date with him in CCH1 ?

Thanks you

How do you get the mysterious note from Nill?

Channel your inner Batman as a detective and the game is easy as pie lol. Though your teachers will openly call you creepy…