Community College Hero

How can I get these achievements for community college hero. I’ve tried everything.

I tried the rub-a-dub-dub one a few times and each time I get to the point to ask it just goes to the part about the phones buzzing. It gives me no option to ask to go inside.

I suggest romancing her, sitting with her in class and doing her study group activities. It should give you that option.

What do you mean by that, I’m still confused the achievement is getting in the shower with tress, right? I’ve romanced with multiple times and each time I get to where the option to go in the shower should be it never gives me the option to do it.

ah, i made a mistake in the guide, it’s not enough to be dating her. you also can’t know her secret.

I also kind of suggest you mention thst you have to think your way out of the situation for “Hey look over there” Just in case everyone’s as dumb as I seem to be lately.

Or not. Okay I’m just really dang stupid. How do I do that one? Again I tried each option. Do I need a certain stat to be at a certain level?

your hmm needs to be 5 or higher. (yes, i really need to make the guide better … fuck, i’m lazy)

Well hey think about it this way, without your guide I’d still be here in confusion

I had no idea this existed. Thank you so much :smile: i never could figuer out how to get rub a dub dub

Wait so what do you have to do
I still don’t understand
Tried romancing her with 5 hmmm
Didn’t work