Community College Hero 1-2 Friendship? Nah

My male MC being nice and all but they don’t like or even care about the MC.
Well yes, they get along with each other very well, Tress doesn’t likes us being “successful”, DG and Crook don’t give a damn about the MC cause i made my MC nice but serious… Quicky, Shine, Rain, Mob, Stunner are cool.
I wanted to romance Stoic but she is literally uninterested, oh my unrequited love.
I will start part 2.5 after part 2, i hope there will be more “friendship” stuff there.
in part 2.5 there is a photo and a note on it “I love you guys”, I don’t think so my MC.
And before judging, know this, this game’s story is perfect.


That’s just their personalities, really. They care about you more than they’re letting on.


Keep going after stoic.


As @AletheiaKnights said, they all definitely care about each other more than they let on. I wanted the bickering and arguing and bantering to reflect how real-life friends frequently interact instead of having characters say, “Oh MC you are so wonderful and perfect and lovely.” :grinning:

And 2.5 is all about silly adventures and bonding, and guess what, MC is the ONLY character present for all of it. MC is the glue!


You’re the author of the series right? I demand more Stoic RO content! :disappointed_relieved:


@The_b have you read the Stoic short story?

Yes, beautiful character background story. I thought she left. After reading it, i came here and asked for more :grin: