Romance in Psy High

Hello, uhh Im back from god knows where and i seemed to have missed alit of hg or cg games and was vaguely interested in Psy high as the second installment had dropped recently. I was wondering as a fan of romance being a moderate to big part of the game, will i see some in these? Atm theres just little cuts and fade to obscurity depicting simple actions for the chapter 1 and 2 interactions in psy high 2. Does it have depth in the romance for both games in the seriew?

If it doesnt might anyone suggest an in progress hg or good released ones with romance integrated well?
I have the juicy ones like wayhaven and fallen hero, my faves and is the bar for my hg fames xD.


Personally i think @abbytrevor Heroes of Myth and @MichaelMaxwell’s Breach had integrated the romance interaction quite well…

I only gone through one romance route in Heroes of Myth but had play test few romance route in Breach , thus far Breach had done a very impressive job with it


Psy High and the sequel are pure, sweet little games, but not on the level of Fallen Hero (Wayhaven wasn’t my cup of tea, but I get the ideal of it sooo…) To put it this way, I bought the Psy High games for my 12 year old and she hasn’t stopped the high pitch squeeing yet.

I’ll add to the Heroes of Myth recommendation. It is among my top six for that. The others, aside from FH, would be Werewolves: Haven Rising, Heart of the House, Community College Hero (and its sequel), and Blood Money.


You mean wips right? If so, have you tried @LeoXII 's Triana academy, Palace paradise and The residence of reeker hill? The guy love romance you might like his works.

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I don’t think it’s like wayhaven or fallenhero. But the shadow society has more of a focus on characters and romance like wayhaven


I see, thanks for all the recommendations, been playing triaina academy and its been a blast, the characters all feel alive. Also, Ive tried werewolf new haven and i think its a lil too political that the plot flew over me.

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Heart of the House has some very good romances, even the one night stand is well written.

Werewolves: Haven Rising’s romances are all very well written and excellently built into the story, and I can’t wait for more

Wayhaven is a romance novel. Slow burn though, first book doesn’t even have a kiss.

Fallen Hero has good romances, although I’m not particularly a fan of any in the first one, the second one has even more, which are shaping up to be even better, imo

A Study in Steampunk has 3 romances, all of them are good, and the game itself is a hidden gem

There’s many more, too many to list tbh


This is for Psy High; Is it possible to keep up a relationship with Tyler leading into the 2nd game?

As far as I know she/he will dump you no matter what you do or your relationship’s percentage with them.

Dumped me too .I can’t figure it out , I’m guessing you have to be brainwashed

Hi! Author here :slight_smile: It is absolutely possible to stay together with Taylor/Tyler when carrying over from Part 1 to Part 2 - that was one of the changes made to Part 1 when Part 2 was in the works. Taylor/Tyler may still break up with you before the prom if your relationship stat is too low, but if you go to the prom with Taylor/Tyler, you should still be together at the beginning of Part 2.

Make sure you’ve updated to the most recent version of Part 1, and make sure that the save you’re importing is also from the most recent version of Part 1. If all of that is already true and you’re still hitting a breakup scene, please email support with more specifics about when the breakup happens. Thanks!


I romanced Alison in Psy High. She’s cute, sweet, and, from what I read, has a beautiful singing voice.