Games With Good Romance?!?!?


Ok, seriously though. I’m really hankering for a interactive novel with a good romance to them. Romance really is an important part of a story to me if its an option because I’m a sucker for it, and it really helps me connect with my character, and others. ;v; There’s a stronger connection to the story when theres someone really important to you/your character.

Sadly, whenever I get a game expecting a good romance I’ve been, really disappointed (COUGH) Yeti Patrole (COUGH) It’s frustrating spending money, even if it’s small amounts on games that lack a large part of what I enjoy. No one really goes into detail with reviews, and so the romance aspect is not generally touched on deeply in the android market. MOSTLY BECAUSE THERES A WORDLIMIT FOR REVIEWS?? excuse u google

ANYWAY-- Anyone feeling like listing out some games they played that have some spot on romance? Give me the chemistry! I wanna blow my cash before my better judgement can get ahold of me

tbh my own favs so far when it comes to romance have been Tin Star, and Double/Cross haaa

Sweats, I hope I put this topic in the right place omgomg I’m so not used to forums


Waywalkers 2 and Guenevere have my favorite COG romances. If you’re looking for games outside of this site, I’d recommend perusing this thread-- it’s full of romantic IF games.

If you still want more you can PM me. I, too, am on an eternal ~love~ quest :heart:

  1. Hero’s Rise collection
  2. Unatural
  3. way walkers 1 & 2
  4. lost heir
  5. Fatehaven
    These are the games I would say have the best love/romance features in them.

I started writing an answer and then realised I’ve probably written it before.

Did you want a list of the Choice of Games and Hosted Games that have romance elements worth playing?

Which romances in the games have you liked?

We’ve got


My vote is on Guenevere - that’s a WIP though and probably won’t be finished anytime soon. Other than that…I’d recommend Slammed! for the JJ romance. (Though whether that romance is a large part of the narrative you have to decide for yourself. It kinda happens at the last moment, but then again the whole character arc is very connected to the MC and for me it pretty much felt like every interaction led up to the romance.)

Honestly, in most COG and Hosted Games, romance takes a backseat. With the exception of Choice of Romance, obviously, though I personally didn’t like it all that much.

  1. Choice of Romance is good if you like political intrigue, but the ending really sucks for me because you can’t end up in a good relationship for who seems to be the games OTP.
  2. A Study in Steampunk has a WONDERFUL story and a fleshed out RO but there are only two/three options depending on your orientation.
  3. Fatehaven has wonderful ROs but the game itself is quite… linear. It is good though.
  4. Heroes Rise. But the ROs tend to deteriorate in quality once you reach the third.
  5. Slammed! is also very good.

That’s pretty much all I can think of.


Romances in COG and Hosted Games huh… I guess I will note some down but a majority of them didn’t have a big impact to me. Well, besides Miss Caraway… best romance in my opinnion.

  1. Tin Star
    Tin Star is my favorite interactive story by COG or Hosted Games and has easily my favorite romance in any of them, Miss Caraway. A real down to earth character, this whiskey drinking gunslinger will always hold a place in my heart. There are other romancable characters but… I can’t choose anyone besides Caraway.

  2. Slammed!
    Who said the wrestling entertainment world couldn’t have a good fleshed out romance story, besides the WWE. This story has three solid romancable characters with; Ecstasy, Rio, and JJ. All are good characters and the romances seem rather natural, despite the entertainment subject that surrounds the characters. Give this game a shot even if you think wrestling is “fake”.

  3. Choice of the Vampire
    I can not go through a list of romances in COG and Hosted Games without mentioning the tragic love story of Clotho. One of my favorites and the romance is true to the story. Immortality is a hard life when you can’t be with the one you love.

  4. Choice of Romance/Intrigue
    Cmon, you had to see this coming, it’s in the damn title. If you want to get anywhere in this story you will have to romance the king/queen. Despite all the politics in this story there are a few good romances. Not my favorite but it’s still good.

  5. Heroes Rise series
    Despite my views on the series as a whole, it does have some solid romances. My favorite romance in this series is actually one of the most controversial, Prodigal. There is a thread dedicated to this romance and despite there being those who are against this romance, for good reason mind you, I will always be an advocate for this romance.

There are many more as others have noted but these are the 5 that first came to mind while writing this. Thank you and…


[P.S: I can’t believe I forgot to mention Zombie Exodus. This game has some of my favorite romances, Mindy and Heather. Both characters have their own charm and despite the story focusing mainly on the zombie survival aspect there is a definite focus on relationships and the humanity existing in each character. Solid game, a must buy for any fan of these games.]


Zombie Exodus : Mostly Devlin but I also liked Tom I have my reasons but I liked Devlin the most (curse you Emma, you know exactly what I mean when he comes into your room :laughing:).

Heroes Rise : Black Magic, I couldn’t see myself with Jury (because of pure hatred for him) or Lucky (because he asked me not to vote for him in the second game).

Choice of Robots : Silas mostly because we are both socially awkward in game and in real life.

Psy High : Carl because he was the only person I like beside Taylor (but Taylor was too soft for me).

Sixth Grade Detective : Finnegan I always had a thing for smart people.

Neighbourhood Necromancer : Max mostly because I wanted to find out more about him and Alex took me by surprise when he wasn’t supportive with what I was doing (which was killing everything :joy:). So I just went with Max because he was cool with it.

Fatehaven : Silvanus I like mysterious people and he was the only one that made most of my standards.


If your looking for a game with good romances my recommendation is for Way Walkers. I don’t have much to say for other Romances in the other games but Way Walkers definitely has my favorite romantic element to it. All the romances I feel are pretty solid but my favorite is with Sem. He’s already a main character so romancing him always made it feel it was more intricately tied to the overall story instead of just a sideplot with a few sparse references throughout the game.

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I had this vague vague idea of starting a post in wiki format, listing all of the choice games, and how many romances each had, how indepth and significant those romances were, the gender of character and if that was changeable, and if they had happy endings.

But then I figured that’d be a lot of hard work and I’m lazy.


There’s more than one option is Neighborhood Necromancer?

@Shoelip Yep, there’s two options.

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Please do it.

I bribe you with monies.

Two monies.


WOW. Nice topic. Loved the post.

May the spirit of industriousness visit you and imbue you with… hardworking-ness!

In other words, “Please do it!”


I’m in pain… I’ve already played all the games with the good romances ;; I have bled the romance dry…

This is a day of great sadness. Except not because I haven’t played Slammed yet. Just Slammed. rip omg

Totally would make that wiki thing myself tbh- if it wasn’t for the fact I have no clue how to make a wiki, and I’d start a paragraph over each problem I have with each romance LAUGHS
I’m serious about my made up boyfriends/girlfriends

ALSO @iris thank u so much omg omg
ALL THESE OTOMES… MY LOVE QUEST IS JUST BEGINNING!! ;v; I find good otomes so hard to find off steam tbh… and the steam ones are always lacking in some way? Not humorous, or feel kinda empty like a husk from Mass Effect LOL @ @
this is a pure blessing to me


Yeah Alex and Max I think that’s it really.

The love quest is a long and ardourous (haha) journey. Safe travels :pensive:

Two recommendations:

a) A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight: Really really good story, fleshed-out romance content which actually makes sense and has meaningful choices. Can’t recommend it enough.

b) Choice of Robots: Surely everybody loves this game. It also has good romance with both the human characters and your potential empathy robot. Personally I like my empathy robot more because I can name it whatever I want. blush


Pls who are the other romance options