Choice of Games with good romance elements?

Can anyone recommend their favourite games which have a strong romantic element? My favourite is Waywalkers for example. Great romanceable characters with strong development. I also quite like the Lost Heir romance options.

I tend to become emotionally invested in romances that develop slowly and that have tragic elements. Choice of the Vampire manages both for two different romances, though I prefer Clotho to Silas. But the games I replay for the romance plots are Choice of Romance and Jean Townsend’s Guenevere WIP.

As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of romance, allow me to show you, in no specific order!

  1. The first Choice of Romance game
  2. Choice of the Deathless
  3. Slammed!
  4. The original Heroes Rise series
  5. Choice of Robots
  6. Community College Hero
  7. A Study in Steampunk
  8. Magikiras
  9. Tin Star
  10. Double/Cross