Favourite romances/crushes NOT in CoG


Pretty much what it says on the tin here. What are your favourite romances and/or crushes not in a CoG or hosted game? Moreover, why do you find them appealing and why would we want stuff like that in the games here?

I suppose I should go first right? In my case my big anime crush would be Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess. Why do I find her so appealing? Belldandy pretty much defines the notion of a pure-hearted person, at least in my mind. She’s genuinely kind, compassionate and loving to everyone she meets, without exception. But that doesn’t make her a pushover in any way. Ask Aoshima about that.

P.S This thread came about as a spinoff of the “Favourite love interest in a Choice of Game or Hosted Game” thread, so if you want to discuss your favourite CoG love interest, that’s the place. Also, thanks to @FairyGodfeather for suggesting the creation of this thread.

Games With Good Romance?!?!?

[points at Garrus] I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite love interest in the game. (Sorry, I had to say it.)


Ever read/played Through Time? If not, I’d recommend it. It’s probably my favourite ‘storygame’ of all time, and I’ve played a lot of 'em lol. But anyway, the whole story pretty much revolves around Alison’s love for Jacob. In fact, there would be no story without Alison going above and beyond for his sake.


Everyone loves Garrus. Whether it’s romantically or platonically makes no difference. Everyone loves him.


One of my favorite love interests was…
Was her name alison? (I need to play eternal again.)
And she may not be a true ro but I also liked the mistress.(Even though she was ULTRA creepy)


I really don’t know, I just don’t.

There are of course characters in games, movies and tv which are cute, hot, great personality. Bit I really don’t know.

I don’t really have a “crush” on them so to say but there are some characters I really like. Like seiko shinohara :3


Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect - huge fangirl here. He was so much more interesting to me than any of the other romances in that series. (I also really liked Jack, but the romance was not what I’d hoped for; after making a male character so she’d notice me, she sort of changed her personality on me.)

The Joker (favorite version: circa The Killing Joke.) The Joker and Harley Quinn are one of the most fascinating and complicated (albeit totally messed up, of course) couples in fiction.

Handsome Jack from Borderlands. I started out Borderlands 2 thinking he was a juvenile jerk, and then he started to grow on me. Now I can’t get that narcissistic psycho out of my head. He’s my current desktop background image.

The Doctor, from Doctor Who. The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) is my favorite, both for his insanely good looks and his at times threatening demeanor (“Basically? Run.”) There’s something about a superior near-immortal being who also has a sense of humor that gets to me.

From Fallout, in no particular order: Arcade Gannon, Dean Domino, Clover. Yes, that was a gay man (I almost always play females), a rotting ghoul in a tuxedo, and a probably-insane slave who refuses to join your party unless you buy her. None of them are exactly “ROs”, either. But man, I wished they were.

I’m very susceptible to fictional crushes. I spent a year or two in High School writing “I wanna marry Vampire Hunter D” on my notebooks. (I’m over him now. Hmph.)


Not everyone, though I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t love Garrus. He just never caught my interest, in any of the three games. In no particular order, my favorites ROs in Mass Effect would be Thane, Tali, and Jack.

From other games… I really liked Aerie in Baldur’s Gate II (another unpopular opinion). I’m also fond of Draco Firestarter from Loren: Amazon Princess. …Can’t think of any others off the top of my head, though.

(Unless Aerith counts. Does Aerith count? I was so mad at the end of disc 1… T_T)


Jack’s romance was actually one of my favorites. Of course, I’m the kind of person who loves taking in abused or abandoned dogs and giving them a good home, and romancing Jack kind of had the same feel to it. I love that she actually adopts an abused space dog in the Citadel DLC. :heart:


Mark me down as a Garrus fan, though I liked his relationship with Tali a lot more. Thane was awesome as well…

And since Baldur’s Gate was mentioned, I had a huge thing for Edwin… him not being a romance option was one of my biggest let downs ever. :frowning:


I feel it would be wrong to have this thread without acknowledging the awesome that is Ryouta of Hatoful Boyfriend fame. Best pigeon boyfriend is best.


Just played through Eternal, based on your recommendation. The PC’s and Semra’s relationship may just be the single most fucked-up relationship I’ve ever seen. Semra reminds me of a more unhinged version of of Viconia De Vir from Baldur’s Gate.


You can’t be serious.

Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane is the coolest. His lovely fan tail and aristocratic manners are without equal.

Oko-San is the most fun. My favorite part is when he falls in love with his own reflection, or maybe the scene where he gets distracted by all the shiny things.


I know for a fact there’s at least one mod out there that makes Edwin a romance option. Can’t speak for its quality though, I only installed it because it also changed Viconia’s ending to something more positive


If I could have picked semra I probably would have.(even with the “issues”)


You can sort of in one of the premature endings, but predictably she ultimately horribly betrays you anyway. Lol.

I of course toyed with the idea of making her a “romance option” where you wind up with her, but it just never seemed realistic to me. Her personality AND the Eternal’s personality are just not compatible without one eventually trying to kill the other. Some relationships are just toxic. (Just like in real life)

Alison’s about the most “stable” out of all them.

I have to say I found it fun to write suitably crazy boyfriends for Suzy in Suzy’s Strange Saga too.


But Ryouta-san acknowledges all my hunter-gatherer feelings! And is deeply sensitive and loyal, despite knowing the divide between our species!


Garrus from Mass Effect yes. Favorite video game romance of all time and also first b/c I’m a noob. My twin brother’s been w/ me in most of my first playthroughs and he’d be so bitchy b/c I’d say, “I’m gonna try Thane!” but I’d just end up w/ Garrus again. So I got Mass Effect on my laptop so I could do it judgement free :wink:

Also, Iron Bull from Dragon Age Inquisition! I think it’s a good sign if, on replays where you don’t romance them, you’re wistful you know? (that’s a weak word for what I feel, but less embarrassing!) Also Cullen ahh! I couldn’t watch pre-‘me getting the game on-sale’ clips b/c it’ll always ended up w/ some Inquisitor who isn’t mine romancing them and gah! At least I avoided spoilers.

And from this awesome game Cinders! I love Perault. I love a man with scars and pouches. On my 2nd playthrough I tried romancing the Prince but it hurt. And the ginger guy (Tobias!) ugh.

Jayne from Firefly and I stand by that! He’s the hero of Canton and I love that he did it accidentally.

And this game Nachtigal. I liked them both but it was hands down Luca. All the way.

Above all else I like badasses and it helps if they’re funny and/or cute.

I tried playing a Hatoful Boyfriend demo once but the text was all white and the background was light too so it strained my eyes :frowning: How did you get around that or did I just get a weird copy? Maybe I’m weak lol.


I have to put in Atton Rand from Kotor 2! :scream: I heard people talking about Kotor in some forum awhile ago and when I finally played the game(s)…my poor little fan-girl heart. I don’t think I had ever had a crush on a fictional character (except for Danny Phantom. I mean, pfft, I didn’t say anything) and my heart just wasn’t ready for this.

Also all the likes for Hatoful Boyfriend. You people are majestic. ;o;


My favorite until recently was Jack from Mass Effect, though I really hated that I had to make a male character in order to romance the only character I related to. I think everyone in life is damaged in some way, and I really love people who are aware of their damage. When someone as wounded as Jack trusts you, it means so much; every experience she’d had in life had taught her that vulnerability was bad, so her willingness to expose herself to rejection was one of the bravest things I’d ever seen in a game.

I think my new favorite is Sera from Dragon Age: Inquisition. She fits into a similar “damaged” category (so I guess I have a type): even if she hadn’t been through the same level of trauma as Jack had, her backstory with her adopted mother was heartbreaking; both characters are not only funny, but aggressively so; they’re both utterly unwilling to take crap from anyone. It also made a huge difference that I could romance her as my own gender. BioWare was the first video game studio I’d ever encountered that included me in their stories, and their continuing support means an awful lot to me. Like, a lot lot.