Thoughts on "Way Walkers: University"

So I’ve been looking through the forums and on facebook, and now I have a question for whoever has played the game.

Who else likes to be evil? >:)

See, I’ve noticed a peculiar lack of people who like to get their “Red” stat up, and, as one of very few games I’ve found (Choice of Games or any other roleplay game for that matter) where you can be evil, I personally find it refreshing. So, who’s with me? :slight_smile:

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@AlyssaP i’m glad you like being evil, dear. :wink: I’ve always found if frustrating in other games where you had to adhere to the ‘standard morality’. I tried in Way Walkers to give more variety…and i’m glad you found it fun. :slight_smile:

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@AlyssaP i agree with you, i have played through several times & can’t wait to see how evil we become in the next Semester

I love being evil in games but I dont get to on this site most of the time

@Zach you can buy WW on web chrome or download in yr a respective app market-- give it a try, you really can go quite nasty XD

@Lobo420 I can’t wait either! I just hope I don’t get lynched or anything. I’ve gotten to 56 red, and that was when I was also going into other stats as well. I bet I can get it to 60 some if I tried ^^

@Way just the way you said that makes me love your game even more

@Zach why thank you! make certain you are mean to Jun for extra Red points lol

For some reason I feel horrible when Jun doesn’t like me, so I avoid it for that reason I suppose.

@mistylavenda. lol that’s just fine, too. Jun is a very sweet character when you are friends, but can be quite…self-righteous when you are not. Go with your gut–your relationship with Jun is yours to decide fir a reason. :wink:

I’n rather torn… I like the option but I always feel awful about myself for doing it, even if it is only a game :confused:

@CJW just remember it’s the character who is evil, not necessarily you, lol And remember–it’s not about being good or bad, it’s about learning! O:)

@CJW I know how you feel. I can’t even play Renegade on Mass Effect because of that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my God, I got so evil my angel faded away O.o;

@AlyssaP lol nice find!! XD

I have no problem doing morally questionable things as long as I have a good reason for doing them. I haven’t found many reasons to do anything too awful in this game… Well, other than being mean to Jun for being judgmental of my decisions one too many times. XD

@CS_Closet yeah Jun can be a bit ‘overly moralistic’ as Sem puts it at times. But that’s part of the charm of the character. :wink:

Don’t worry the morally difficult choices get much harder in the sequel. :wink:

@ArchAngel950 I’m right there with you. I’ve tried to be a renegade but I just feel so bad! Lol.

Plus my Jun is so sweet to me, i can’t be mean to my fox! Haha :slight_smile: but the highest my red has gotten is like 34 because I hung out with Sem so much.

Is there another way to survive without freeing Illiad? I really tried all the options available without freeing her (at the prison thingy) and I went to the fencing thingy twice and died both times…

Hm, @CS_Closet does bring up something I hadn’t noticed before, as I tend to play goodie-two-shoes, is that there doesn’t seem to be much motivation to be “evil”, it just seems to be for its own sake.

And while on the topic, it always bugged me in media (looking at you Star Wars) when people or a philosophy are just said to be “good” or “evil”, as morality is never that black or white. Perhaps the Red philosophy could be explored a bit more in the sequel? We don’t learn particularly much about it in this game, we just simply get a lot of nebulous statements, even in its introduction: “The Red Dragon’s Way twists the laws to suit the selfish aims of his followers”. I found it a bit too vague to really believe the people calling it evil. Unless you’re planning some brilliant twist in which the Red philosophy has actual been demonized through propaganda. That’d be cool.