Way Walkers University Sequel--suggestions and feedback

So, now that the first installment of Way Walkers University is out (web chrome, apple and android), i thought it would be interesting to open up to suggestions of what you guys would like to see in the sequel. Now, i’ve already got a good portion of what i want to do planned-out, but there’s plenty of room left for new ideas/improvements/and ‘i just want to see this happen’. lol

Anyways, what i’ve already have planned is:
More mystery and depth around the main plot (illyan)
Deeper insight into Jun and all his/her eccentricities
More chances to prank a certain Master Cael
A chance to blackmail a fellow student
Dating–and yes, yes you can date Sem, lol

So, everyone, what else do you want to see? :smiley:


I thought there was going to be some PG-13 action behind the curtains when you and Sem were hiding from Genoa and her goons. At least, that’s where I thought it was going lol… :stuck_out_tongue:

@Antitorpiliko --hum, that *might* be doable, but it’d be very similar to the first one, and i’d need to make things for anyone who isn’t a duelist to do, too. I’ll think on it, but it might be a bit much if i cant pull it into the plot line or balance it out with other side-quests. :frowning:

@Dooly --I will do what i can with that–i’ve a museum trip planned, and another possible excursion ‘for fun’. There’s also going to be a few more trips over to the Municipal Citadel for sure.

@Lobo420 @AlyssaP @LaurenP–i’d love to do more with necromancy and mind-control, but every time i really think about it realistically, i find myself seeing how impossible it would be for a 14yr old student–even an Exemplary Talent–to pull that off in Tar’citadel w/o getting caught, and caught quickly. #-O However, the desire to mix a biology lab and a Turin-like class has me imaging little necromancer-controlled frogs…

More Semryu.

Ya!!! I love sem!!! Id like to see another tourny, and have this one not be with a fighting part so that if you are in that club you get more fighting experience.

@CJW of course, there shall be more Sem. he’s da, man. lol

@Antitorpiliko explain a little better? ‘not be a fighting part?’

More Semryu… Oh, and maybe more interaction with stuff outside the University, like International Market and the two Citadels?

More interaction with some of the side characters and teachers so we can have more awesome characters.

@Dooly what kind of interaction were you thinking?

@LaurenP any particular side characters?

I’d love more conversations with Miles, and the teacher of the medium class I can’t remember the name of, and Crispin if he counts as a side character, and I would love to see more sides to Cael rather than the grumpy, boring history teacher ^u^

If people are going red let them have the ability to either brainwash people or enslave them.

it would be interesting to try indoctrinating Jun or turning other minor Characters into your servants

@Lobo420 I agree with you completely ^^

I want to make Sem my slave >:)

I would love to see more of the classes.

Oh! Energy manipulation class! :smiley:

@WayWalkerLeigh As in exploring and making use of those areas so that the game feels a lot more… open and realistic than if we were confined to the University, if that makes sense? Can’t type/speak properly today lol.

@AlyssaP i would like to make Jun, Genoa, or Ives the slaves & have Sem as my 2nd in command >:-)

@LaurenP how about Necromancy or thought manipulation, the latter was touched on already when you alter jun’s behavior & i would love to see that expanded on, it could even be a way of introducing the slavery into the story

@Lobo420 I’m sure those are possible, especially if you’re Turin for the necromancy. But I would like to see a class dedicated to energy manipulation, like there was for mediums and empathy. I was a bit disappointed to see there wasn’t one in the first D:

@Lobo420 ooh I like that idea :slight_smile: I might try to enslave a teacher or two (if possible. Some of those teachers can destroy you) so the faculty is on your side.

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what I meant was the tourny that you had the option of also had people attacking, like the attack that you had if you chose to go with Sem and talk to illi. I want a tourny that is only a tourny not a part of the overall story. like a side quest

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It’d be fun to have some more interesting lessons and choices within them (besides cutting or not).

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