R'Lien: A Winding Trail

Hello again this idea came to me in the middle of reading the Inheritance Cycle.

                  The Elves are subject to a curse that every one hundred years their bodies are reset and their memories erased. You are Rien XVII a newly Reborn. As you learn more about this world, will you be able to Gain Power, Find Love, or Break the Curse? 

In this there will be little to no action so if that is not your cup of tea then you might want to stay weary of this game.

And to Clarify I mean every time they reach One Hundred.

Hmmm. I’d play it. I like the concept, very unique.

Hmmm Great potential in this one. If you are working on a demo I’d like to see what you have!

sounds interesting

Hopefully we don’t have to wait long for the demo.

Not much for me to go on at the moment, so I await the demo.

sounds good, can’t wait to see a demo

Is this going to take place in the same setting?

It takes place in a different world from ours. All I have to say. ~O)

Seems different then most of the games hear. I gess similar to choice of romance in that it focuses on interaction.


I have a question… will the character be genderlocked?

please say no [-O<

Just let the player choose the gender of every incarnation, that would be my strong preference. Please don’t include forced gender changes half way through the story (unless, of course they’re absolutely vital to the plot).

This is actually funny. The character is not gender-locked because each time your body is reset so is the gender. It makes sense! :frowning:

found love :smiley:

five minutes before my body got reset :frowning:

now im a lady ~X(

@Matteller lol

@sengokukronos cool im glad its not gender-locked :smiley:

but it gender-random, just as bad in my option

So is the demo out yet? And if so, can someone post the link here? It sounds really interesting.