The Great Game (WIP)

-In this game you play as a young man thrown into court politics in a low fantasy world
-I will admit it, this was inspired by Game of Thrones atmosphere wise!
-The game will contain action and adventure as well as intrigue, though how much will vary
-The idea only came to me today so the demo is only 4000 words (approx)

  • and most of that is character creation :frowning:
    -It also has perks, traits and flaws -a bit unorthodox but hopefully good fun

I hope you enjoy the story…


forced male gender option… nah

there’s an error going into the game and an error going into the menu

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It sounds interesting, but why genderlocked?

too short too really comment only wondering why there are 3 stats for body things and 6 stats for mind things? might what too narrow that down some.

interesting so far looking forward too more.

A Game of Thrones inspired story sounds fun, but the demo is a bit short right now. Also, why only play as a man?

I think because you would have more options as a man. I have no knowledge about Game of Thrones so I don’t really know where women’s rights stand in that sort of world. But if this world is in the time period I think it is and if this author wanted to write it historically accurate then chances are if we played as a woman we would most likely be pushed down and just try to be married off to the highest bidder.

Of course there could always be an option to fight back or try to gain more power using wits but imagine the amount of writing it would be to make the reader FEEL like they just went against everything they were taught. There’s also the fact that no matter what the author does they are going to make some people angry seeing how sensitive a topic this is. They could write it though rose colored glasses and make everyone equal but anger the people who love historical accuracy (people like me) or they could write it historically accurate and have people call them sexist even though this is how it really was back then. To be honest I don’t really blame them for not wanting to deal with that at all and make it gender locked.

Ps just because it’s gender locked doesn’t mean it’s gonna be a bad game. Heck a lot of games are gender locked even some on this site are gender locked. There’s a game on here called Guinevere that’s gender locked and its still pretty cool.


Sounds interesting, but there’s a bug at line 362 that says Non-existent variable ‘unparalleled_aim.’

Because he/she is a new coder and doesn’t have experience in coding that much, and it would be too much work for that.

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If this is a world not our own, I think simply genderlocking it because historical standards needs a little more explanation to establish why it works as ours did there. Something like Sabres of Infinity, which is very much using historical or near-historical social structure makes sense, something like Guenevere where we’re playing someone specific makes sense.

Not as a matter of what’s right or wrong - I’m fine with genderlocked games if that works better for the story being told - simply about establishing a world with its own history and elements.

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@Cat_Raider I was asking more as far as story reasons. If that’s their reason, then no problem, but I thought it’d be more like the examples @Elfwine just used.

The primary reason is that the world began as a novel and thus the protagonist was a male at the start. Sorry, but he is a product of the world-building and with gender distinctions being a part of that world It would be incredibly difficult to change everything around. @fox_vixen has also hit the nail on the head - a man and a woman would have drastically different stories to tell.

@redhead222 - This is because the game is politically dominated and so mental stats are going to be focused on more.

It seems to only be an issue on this site if it’s gender locked male. Gender locked female stories seem to be able to get away with “I wanted it for the story” explanation.

heh positive discrimination, You want to stop discrimination, so you discriminate males because they discriminated females in past ? i Sense meme here Seriously these Positive-discrimination- wackos are making even less sense the ending of Mass effect 3 with its starchild or Bioware changes to rewan in KOTOR. Cannot Compute.

So much reading about stats from the start, uhh, but ok. My thoughts on that are, needs shorter explanation since strength and dexterity talk about them themselves and knowing more is a option. I may read it all but shortly after will forget the specifics if I don’t use them right away.

I’m “okay” with gender locked stories if that means i can still choose to be straight/gay or whatever. Take away my freedom in bed and we have a problem here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Story - to short to tell, but as a beginning, I don’t see anything wrong. I like it. Want to see how chosen stats traits and everything else change the story. I like when many things influence outcomes and other … things? He-He.

Can you tell more of what you plan on doing. what means low fantasy? Will the MC have a hand in low fantasy or that is just in the background?

Low fantasy is where magic exists but is extremely limited in scope.No rain of fire, or equivalent spells.

You will be involved in magical occurrences, but probably won’t ever learn major magic. It’s just not that common and would take too long - this game is set over 2-3 years. To become a master would be a lifetimes study As for traits, perks and flaws they will unlock new options in conversations and potential actions, and not just affect stats.

Oh, and there are 3 romance options, 2 female and one male


But what makes this a world where you couldn’t simply tell the same story with a woman - simply a “I am a young lady” and otherwise describe the saem events?

I’m not trying to suggest you change the setting, just looking to understand what makes this setting have the same social issues as our world.

@Elfwine - one of the games main arcs will deal with gender inequality, it is a primary motivating factor in other characters manipulations.There is also the fact that the game might incorporate pregnancy as a theme - I’m not going to give too much away - but I could not write about a man getting pregnant!

Makes sense. Looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

@Taleweaver I can’t say much about the story :wink: but the character creation looks impressive. You’ll add four more houses for the remaining stats later, right?

The concept reminds me of Choice of Romance and Lords of Answik, have you played them?

Your decision to make it genderlocked seems justified, but I think 3 ROs are far too few. The MC is the last heir of a noble house, this alone would attract posible brides.

@WulfyK There probably aren’t going to be any more houses - the idea was one wealthy house with little influence, one non-wealthy house with lots of influence and one with a moderate amount of both wealth and influence. If anyone has suggestions for a house I am open though!..

I have played and beaten both LoA and CoR, enjoyed them immensely as well.

The romance options are so far all central characters with an integral part in the storyline - so it would be hard to add more… unless a few side characters with much less depth would be okay…