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Game Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/170054825/web/Switch/index.html

If you don’t already know me, I’m Katgirl64, a long time lurker but have just recently maded an account, so…um… Hi there :slight_smile:
Anyways I’ve been trying to think of a good CS game for a while now and I think I got a good one so here we go~
It takes place in a medieval fantasy world, and there will be magical creatures.

You’ve always had a somewhat normal life, no horrible tragedies, no epic quests, you can however do some well…odd things that take years of magical practice without breaking a sweat, but you have kept those a secret, even from those closest to you. One day, well buying supplies for your family business you are stole off the street by the castle guards, claiming that you are none other than the prince/ss! It turns out that the real prince/ss has been “misplaced” *cough*theyranaway*cough* and you look exactly like them, except for the fact that you are of the opposite sex, which their personal servent unfortunately finds out the hard way. Now it is too later to reveal yourself without your head ending up on a pike. With only your servent to help you, you must navigate your way through the minefield of court politics filled with cousins, lords, and ladies who are very unhappy about the heir to the throne’s return. Can you play the part of a royal while still managing to keep your normal life “normal”? Where is the real prince/ss? Why do you look exactly like them? Will you take the throne or die trying?

So far there are two opposite sex romances, one same sex, and one that you choose their sex. I hope to make the story more comical but it will have its serious moments. Oh! I haven’t named anybody yet so if you think of any good ones let me know :slight_smile: . Quick question, can you do CS on an iPad? (I have a laptop but I prefer to use my iPad)
Thank you for your time, feel free to ask me any questions and I hope to get a demo to you soon.

More transgender options in the cog/hosted games?
Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

Cool idea I’m looking forward to this


I have a bet that the real heir is in our old place also sounds like this will be fun


I think I might be overwhelmed with female emotion.


I’m prepared to vial and sell Drazen’s tears


This sounds fun, defnetly different. XD


I’m pretty sure you can code on an iPad. People are coding on small 3 inch screens of phones so iPad must work, and this sounds really interesting Katgirl I cant wait to see how well it goes.


Have you read Split Heirs by Esther Friesner and Lawrence Watt-Evans. The False Princess by Eilis O’Neal. The Decoy Princess by Dawn Cook. The Tamir Trilogy by Lynn Flewelling?

Not that any of them are the same as your idea. I’m more asking because they sound like various books that you’d like based on the above premise.

Of course there’s the whole Prince and the Pauper thing too going on. Man in the Iron Mask too, only I haven’t read that just watched that movie with Leonardo diCaprio.

The gender-switch sounds amusing. Will you be considering allowing the protagonist to actually be trans or genderqueer?

And will you be able to find the actual prince/ss and make them take the throne once more? This sounds like the sort of fun game I’d really enjoy though. Good luck on writing it.


@FairyGodfeather “Will you be considering allowing the protagonist to actually be trans or genderqueer?”

Not to sound disrespectful, but I am sceptical of the applicability of such demands, which seem to try and crudely extend social movements onto creative projects; it is seldom productive to try and be inclusive to a disability by forcing it into a game or story against the grain - which can often produce the result of looking artificial, insensitive, or simply downright cheesy. The attention needed to make such a demand plausible is far too great, I think, for most games.


@Drazen I didn’t make a demand, I asked a question. One which I think is a perfectly reasonable question given the premise of the game.

Being transgender is not a disability. Being genderqueer is not a disability.


@FairyGodfeather As aforementioned, I’m sceptical about how reasonable it is. And, of course, I didn’t mean ‘Disability’ as a pejorative.


@2ton that’s good, I’ve never been too good at the whole typing thing but I do just fine on Ithings which is weird
@drazen I’ve never really seen myself as a girly-girly but I do usually write from a girls point of view. I’m hoping I can write this more gender neutral though.
@fairygodfeather I haven’t heard of any of those but they sound interesting perhaps I’ll give them a try when I have time (I’m in the middle of about 5 books right now). One of the titles I was thinking about using was Pauper but then I decided against it after I add the magic element to the story. You will run into the real prince/ss, probably in the middle, who has no idea someone took their place. You can convince them to become the next heir, get rid of them (either killing or getting them to follow their dream), or rule with them. The MC’s gender is a choice they make both inworld and out. (does that make sence?)



I will reiterate it was not a demand. It was not an attempt to force anyone to do anything. I do not appreciate being told that I am being unreasonable by asking if a game whose entire premise is a character thrust into the position of someone of the opposite gender, will tackle gender-identity issues. If they will allow the protagonist to decide they prefer living as that gender.

I am not going to have this discussion with you on this thread and possibly derail it. I don’t see the benefit of us arguing this out. I do find your comments offensive. If Katgirl64 wishes to discuss the topic further on this thread than I’d be more than willing to.



Ha! Five books. :slight_smile: I know that feeling. I was just suggesting them since they’ve interesting themes.

I do like the idea of a main character who has magic and I love my fantasy to have some magic in it. It’s good not to be a pauper as well.

Thanks, yes that does make sense. :slight_smile:


@FairyGodfeather It was not my intent to cause offence, but if I’ve struck a nerve then you’re quite correct, there is little benefit in us discussing this.



I’m sure you will do just find on the gender aspects and choices, I wish you all the luck in the universe and then some Katlady.

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Nagh! Coding is hard. I can’t even figure out how to open things on here. Oh well to the computer!
@2ton funny story, I actually don’t like cats. My username came from when I was in elementary school and I beat the high score on this pinball game on the computer at school. I didn’t want anyone to know it was me so I put the first three letters of my name and added girl to the end. Points for trying though!


@Katgirl64 Awww!!! Do I still win the prize!?


@2ton of course you get a prize! You get a new car! And you get a new car! And you! Everyone get a new car \:D/
I-I think I’ll start by getting everything or at least more than I have,down on paper before I code. Technology doesn’t seem likes me :-S


Katgirl: http://www.choiceofgames.com/forum/discussion/1333/using-choicescript-on-an-android-phone./#Item_5