Idea for a choice story


I’am wondering if anyone would be interested in a choice story about knights.


Maybe is going to be historically based or fantasy based?


Hmm I think I’am going to have a mixture of both with the knights being historical based but in a kind of fantasy world.


I think that is a great idea. Perhaps you should make it loosely based on the Wars of the Roses, where two different houses/factions face off one another, and you can decide which house to pledge your allegiance to, and how to go about story, i.e. engaging in open warfare, cloak and dagger, or advocating peace. Just a wild idea; I’m merely putting my two cents in.


Ohhh! I would ever so much like that!!!


Hmm I might use that idea but I’am going to have it where there is going to be one big landmass where you chose from four countries to start from each will have a different prologue and then you will choose a different background some will not be available based on what country you choose and there will be choices on what happens on your childhood(like if you help this person or not and another choice is what weapon you want to use or armor to wear). Different choices will shape your person a certain way and then the journey will start when you grow into adulthood and decide on what fraction you want to join( I’am thinking of having 6 fractions and a few you can’t join based on the country you choosed.) Tell me what you think and maybe some ideas you might have.


I think that is like an awesome idea.


Aye, start off as a squire.


Actually you will start as a page but have your page training done in childhood and when you are a adult and head off to join the faction you want to join you will then start as a squire.


Will the choices you make in a faction you choose affect the world?


Hmm in the beginning when you are a squire in a faction it will have minor effects not so much as world but maybe in your country but I think further along when you become a knight you will have choices that will effect the world in a small and maybe big way. I forgot to mention this earlier but one of the factions allow you to be a dark knight.


@Bluestorm Finally, a game that lets you become Batman.


no the dark knight is where your able to be evil not be Batman. :slight_smile:


what kind of dark knight, like evil dark knight or dark knight that uses the dark arts?


More of a evil dark knight.


Could I be a slightly crazy knight like Don Quixote or Monty python the holy grail ?


I’ll have to think about that.


I have a strange urge to stand guard over a bridge…


How are you going to handle mounted combat ?


I’am going to have the mounted combat done differently based on what weapon you have like a sword, lance, or bow but the most common weapon for horseback will be the lance.