Game in Development: Chosen


The title is a work in progress so keep that in mind.

In this game your character that you choose to play starts out in his/her hometown. But after having their life hit what seems like rock bottom to them they will learn that the world they live in is literally about to change. He/She will be sent to another world by a mysterious unknown force. The world they are sent to is called Terra and it is a world in turmoil and chaos. Bandits raid small villages left and right. Three central powers rage war against one another in a civil war. Life expectancy for children inhumanly low. This world is broken and the only one who can put it back together again is you. What will your hero succeed or fail will. Will you simply seek to return to earth or will you call Terra you home now. Will you be a hero of legend having your songs sung for thousand of years. Or will you seek power and become Ruler of this land. What kind of warrior are you Resilient Knight, Skilled Swordsman, Terrifying Berserker, or Swift Archer. The chose is yours. Carve your own path to destiny.

Well what do you guys think. I want any and all feedback from you guys. I got some rough coding done with stats and background info. Please respond thanks!


What are the three powers?
Why are bandits raiding villages?
Why are you the only one who can put it back together?
What’s the difference between a knight and a swordsman?


The three powers are the 3 countries that have been feuding with each other for control of terra.

Bandits are raiding villages more because A. That’s what they do
B. with the civil war going on its the easiest time to loot coin from wealthy citizens and not get caught.

You are the only one to put it back together because if an ancient prophecy that says a hero from another land will come to save terra and restore order.

Knights have stronger attack and defense but are slower

Swordsman are faster but wear less armor which makes them more vulnerable.


@ChoiceofManning Knights fought mounted. They may be a little sluggish on the ground, but horses are pretty fast.


@Drazen But this is a different universe, in this universe maybe the knights fight on the ground.


@The_Ravenclaw And the Sun might be made of cheddar. But I’m not going to assume that, without warrant.


Perhaps they don’t even have horses! Actually it would be kind of cool/funny if they rode on giant rabbits or oversized slugs (very deadly slugs and very deadly giant rabbits of course, as in "The Knights Who Say “Ni!” " sort of deadly rabbit). Actually that’s a damn good idea to use in a game! *writes down in book of damn good ideas*


Yes but what caused these people to be bandits? And why are wealthy people living in small villages? And why aren’t they using their wealth to hire people to guard their money? Bandits don’t just raid for no reason other than to acquire money. And what are they doing with that money?

I’m inclined to say that the world doesn’t seem very well thought out from how you’ve described it. It seems as if you’ve gone “I’m going to create a fantasy story” but the world itself hasn’t been developed in a logical way.


@Drazen Knights werent always mounted, and the term ‘knight’ does not restrict them specifically to being mounted soldiers. Rather, it refers to their standing in society as a form of lower nobility. There are numerous instances of knights fighting dismounted


@FortunesFaded The term Knight denoted a certain level in the feudal hierarchy for the very reason that they were the elite mounted soldiers.


@Drazen It is true that Knights originated as mounted soldiers, but this wasn’t always the case, and by the latter portion of the middle ages it was much more common to see dismounted knights.

One instance of the use (and the reason for using) of dismounted knights in the Battle of Bremule in 1119:

“Richard the king’s son and a hundred knights were sitting on their horses ready for battle; the rest fought on foot in the field with the king. In the forefront William Crispin and eighty knights charged the Normans, but their horses were quickly killed, and they were all surrounded and cut off.”



I for one like this game. But one question,what does the Prophecy exactly says? I mean it can’t just say that someone from another world will come and save this land. I mean anyone, could just put a fake claim for fame, or maybe someone who is sad about this state of his home could claim it and want to fix this place, but he is not from another world. There could be many fake claims, and I hate fake claims.

I think, in my opinion, there should be some actual physical traits that are stated. So that if you arrive, you have proof, because when you come to this world, I don’t think that you will already know the prophecy. Someone else must tell you. So what is it that will make them believe this fact???

As for this knight problem. I agree with FortunesFaded, knight is just a title. “A knight is a person granted an honorary title of knighthood by a monarch or other political leader for service to the monarch or country, especially in a military capacity.” -Wikipedia. So I don’t think it necessarily mean a knight has to have a horse with them. And I think there are cases when they were on foot.

Finally, I know it had been long but please stay with me, about the bandits. I think there is nothing wrong about these bandits. If you have to ask why bandits raid and what they do with the money, than you are not targeting this question on the game itself, you are putting this towards bandits themselves. I mean ChoiceofManning is not the leader of bandits, (maybe ChoiceofManning is, in case I have Owls watching him 24/7.)

It’s just what bandits do. They have their own reasons for doing so, and there were many bandits. You can’t just ask a man, why he drank coffee. He just did and has his own reason to. Bandits have been in this world for a long time, and you can’t just put a question that talks about so many people and aim it at one author. I mean it’s just what they do.

THAT WAS VERY LONG!!! My fingers are hurting. Adios. BlueOwl358 flies away with his owls.



Why the bandits raid is important. If you’re constructing a fantasy world with this ‘broken world’ premise it’s important to know their motivations and the reasons why things are broken, so you can tell an interesting story about fixing them.


What about archers? All game seem really fight focused, So archers are on ly a aesthetic choice or could be use effectivly?. I mean i hate being a warrior, so is my only choice. There could be politics plots? assassinations? the archer could be a euphemism from assassin?. Or its only a person who go to a melee battle with a bow?


If the three powers have been warring for long, there must be lots of broken warriors. Men who lost their friends in a battle, who just lost the will to fight for their lords and fled the battlefield. Rooted men at arms, unable to return to their homes, unable to look for a peaceful life.

Their only choice is to hide in the woods and loot small villages, stealing the cattle and money if they want to survive.

It’s a hard life. The whole world is their enemy. And slowly, but unavoidably, they become bloodthirsty, soulless beasts, with no further objective other than keep going on with their wiked lives.


@Aquila See that’s good motivations and reasons.