An adventure of EPIC proportions. Input?


Hey everyone. I am currently writing a game for choice script and it has been in development for a couple years now, yes, years. Considering I am a one man team the sheer size of the story behind this game has taken a significant amount of time to develop, but I think it’s safe to say the story of this world is roughly 90% finished! However, I am still in the process of writing it. While I don’t want to give too much away, you can look at my previous discussion topics to get a terribly rough idea. I want this game/story to be a conglomeration of what fantasy lovers enjoy about epic stories. I want the input and ideas of other people who enjoy rpgs as much as I do and give everyone a chance to help me write this story. While the basic plot of the ‘potential series’ is developed, details can and need to be added, so I would like some of your ideas if you’re willing to share. Feel free to write an entire paragraph on what you want in an rpg, but if you don’t want to do all that work, then please just get your imaginative gears spinning and answer these few questions: (These questions are not real plot scenarios, but may pertain to similar events. Also, please add to theses scenarios any details you want, these scenarios are your short story to tell me that could potentially influence my writing.)

  1. You and a band of companions must travel from one village to the next and between you and your destination exist vast planes and meadows. The journey may take several days. How does your party get to its destination? (any option may be viable)
  2. Your nemesis is fleeing from battle, but you cannot let him escape again. How do you catch up to him and stop him before he flees through a portal?
  3. A classic torn choice: If forced to choose one, would you save your life-long best friend, a beloved war hero, or a prosperous king?
  4. Simple, if you could be ANY class or combination with no stupid unrealistic disadvantageous, what would you be?
  5. Like I said, feel free to tell me something that I should add to my game that you feel no successful rpg would be without.

Quotes from Alpha testers:
“It was awesome! If that is only a little bit, then I can’t wait for the next part.” @MSox99
"I can’t wait for this to progress! Let me know when you update so I can replay it!" @snappingcookies
"If this is what i get from just 1/10 of a game…im …excited…" @Xhandas_Antonidas


Ok, you got my wheels start to turn!

So, I think it would be a little interesting if there is a little comedy involved, so my ideas might seem a little odd but I will continue to think.

So, here are my answers to your questions:

  1. OK, so I am not sure where your RPG is based, but I have the idea that instead of horses or something normal like that, the team could be on a kangaroo or something along the lines of that. Ostrich maybe?

  2. To catch up with your nemesis you go after him (on foot or whatever format of transportation you choose) and you throw something at him. I’m not sure if you want this to be a series or if you want to catch him in the end, but if you throw something at him it will: a. Knock him down or b. It might stab him or something.

  3. I will save my lifelong friend as long as they aren’t a jerk or something. I can be the next king or war hero.

  4. Oooooo. I would probably be a humble middle upper class (or something) and be friends with lower classed people.

  5. IDK. Be a little different from other RPG’s and have your own little twist to your tale. That is why I think it would be great for your characters to ride Kangaroos to save the day.

Right now my mind is wrapped around Australia for some reason.

I can’t wait to see what you do! Good Luck!


Yay!!! I knew today’s addiction with Australia was going somewhere. :smiley_cat:

  1. My wizard casts a teleport spell to get us there in an instant. That’s right, I’m the kind of guy who uses fast travel.

  2. This is why I always play the mage or archer class. I shoot him with a spell/arrow to stop him from escaping.

  3. Prosperous king. I want land, wealth, and titals!

  4. A warrior mage who’s also quite skilled at archery.

  5. Fantasy law dictates you must include at least one tavern scene!


1:Magic…always magic
2:Shoot him with magic
3:Depends…does that war hero know any good magic spells if so save him if not the king cause money.
4:Stealth Wizard
5:The ability to slay a god.

  1. Horses are a normal thing to add, but what about dragons? Or a wyvern, giant spiders, magic train.

  2. Have an orc throw a battle axe through his legs, or a assassin shoot him/her with a sleeping dart.

  3. First play through, the hero, might become a ruler and you will have the adoration of the peasant folk. Second time the friend.

  4. A tank warrior with some magic abilities, like magic clones or the ability to shoot spears out of thin air.

  5. Tavern scenes, good way to level up our people, not just our character. Wide array of abilities such as swordsmanship, ability to use shield, bows, healing, magic, ability to use spear, strength, charisma, intelligence, ect. Able to play as multiple races, have a renown factor. Be able to pick up weapons, and different armor with different stats. Have a customizable home base, and the ability to create a army.

Sorry if some of my ideas are impossible to do and for wasting your time, can’t wait to try this game. Good luck.


Oh, interesting…

Maybe this like small air balloon ship thing?
The very original way of walking?
Very dangerous shortcut

Go trough the portal with him!
Shoot an arrow straight trough his spine killing him, or at least paralysing his lower body in the proccess :blush:
Tackle him
Grapple hopk thing around the anckles

I’ll go with my buddy, screw those other guys really

V-v-v-void assassin!
A Battlemage / rogue / assassin!

I don’t know, I’m tired


Well based on the replies so far I think you’d all love what I’ve written up to this point. Haha

Feel free to keep adding input if ideas come to you, I’d love to hear them! I suppose Ill keep adding to this thread with new questions and updates on the game’s progress. I’m watching the thread so I should see your posts asap.


I think the key to any rpg is to have a good story but I love sidemistions they allow you to take a break from the main game and experence something completely new dlc content can do the same thing thow. I’d love to have a copanon feature where you can experence and cnect with theses chaters


Ok, is there an option to be evil? Like hire someone to kidnap the princess. “Hear” about it in town, offer to help the king, kill the people you hired, save the princess, get a reward, and stay cozy with the royal family. Can we chose a race? Orc, elf, dwarf, imp, animal/person. Will there be large battles, mighty battles between thousands of people?

Edit: Like faewless said, can we fight the gods, and become the God of War? Raze towns? Develop new technologies, like gun powder, if it isn’t in the games already?


@NoGo The role your character plays in the game and who they are was a serious discussion in my old thread from a couple years ago. I ended up removing the thread because I felt it contained too many spoilers, I’m sorry, but I feel, with the limited resources that I have, that I’ve come up with a happy medium. I won’t reveal any details about the character yet, but I have decided that the game will primarily revolve around one main character and a side character that is fairly unrelated. This way players can experience this growing world from 2 different perspectives. It was a difficult decision to make, but I feel that this will still allow players to have the customization that they want, while still giving players almost an entire other story to enjoy if they aren’t crazy about the path of one.

Yes, there will be massive battles.

Perhaps the BIGGEST issue I have run into developing a game like this using this program is the fact that I can not save data across games. So I run into the issue similar to DA1 and DA2 where, if I do allow you to raze a town, but later release an expansion, how will I know whether or not you razed it? That being said, crafting a world through your own decisions is too awesome of an idea to give up, so I need to figure something out which I am still partially in the process of doing so. Please, if you have an idea let me hear it!
Good questions.

  1. i’d have to say teleporting around.

  2. I would imagine my character just turning him to stone, if my nemesis was really that much of a pain.

  3. Best friend, but only if : A, I can’t save everyone or B, i might need the hero for my quest.

  4. I would go with Charismatic Dark Wizard, with a Weakness of being Physically weak.

  5. I feel that to make a successful rpg you have to make choice’s matter, let’s say your Chasing a thief he runs into the woods but then a bandit appears. You quickly take care of him and now you have a choice, either loot the Bandit of his riches or continue after the thief. Another thing is how you achieve that choice, so once again your chasing after a thief, how do you catch him. Do you use magic to freeze his feet. do yell foe him to stop , do you corner him, will you relay on pure speed to catch him. Whatever is some of the most satisfying thing is when you meet a Barrier and you know only your class can stop him because of his particular skill’s.


I’m all good with being in the preverbal darkness here, it creates so much excitement for a game I know so little about. I am confused about the save data thing, aren’t there other games that are hosted, such as Way Walkers University that allow you to save the game at the end, and allow you to play in the sequel with it knowing all of the choices that you made in the first one?


I believe CoG has their own system that can be implemented, but it’s not something that I know anything about at the moment. Ill have to look into it.

  1. Well I would love to use either a teleportation or maybe a haste spell. But if it were possible, I DEFINITLEY would ride a Fat Chocobo. If not possible then a regular chocobo would be fine (: If all else fails. Horses.
  2. Magic powers activate! Maybe slow time, slow him, turn the ground into mud, block the portal with a wall of ice or even counter his portal with another portal to jail.
  3. It would depend on who was more beneficial to the world, If the King was going to bring the world to a Golden Age then him, if the War Hero was needed for a huge coming battle then him, or my best friend if he and I were an unstoppable crime-fighting duo. It would all depend on the situation,
  4. Would definitely be some sort of healer, any would do actually. But hopefully could have a handle on elemental magic to protect myself and maybe use an enchanted magic bow!?
  5. An RPG should always have an amazing story! Without things like characters and lore there’d be nothing to contribute to the overall atmosphere of that game’s universe.


Oh bby! where do i start!?

1, while teleporting may be a convienient option, id want to go with style~ summon some gryphons or dragons and we’d fly to our destination and enjoy the scenery while we’re at it!
2, nemesis fleeing!? The trees will help me! let their roots entangle him/her so i can take my time making a dramatic re appearence (perhaps sniff some flowers along the way)
3, a close friend is more valuable to me then any celebrity or monarch
4, Ive always been a die hard mage class fan, i can never stray from it…“All sword or weapon wielding classes are ruffians!” lel
5, im a huuuge fan of dragon age, elder scrolls, let there be many types of personalities, gentle giants, romances etc, lore for me to get intruiged by!
definitely romance, i go for big rugged types heh! what can i say, im a sucker for love!

Regardless, as long as theres magic and flashy attacks (magic related) satisfied! Shun me not! D:


Here’s a new question: It is late at night, several days before a large battle is to take place, in which many people will die. You, a soldier in the kings army, must choose how to spend you your remaining nights which could very well be your last. This night you receive two invitations, one from your good friend who also serves as a soldier and one from the king’s own daughter/son, whom you have had several romantic walks with in the palace gardens, but never spent the night with. Your undying loyalty and courage prevents you from begging the royal family for a pardon from the coming battle and these invitations will not last, you must choose one. Do you spend the night patrolling camp with your good friend and companion or accompany the prince/princess to his/her bedchamber?


Princess to her bedchamber. I wanna have a good night before I probably die, and besides, maybe this way she’ll get pregnant and pass on my genes. Maybe my child will even look similar to her husband, so my son/daughter will be monarch!


Um, the kings daughter. I might be able to use her to influence the outcome of the battle and save more lives. Plus, if I survive I’m going to use our relationship to improve my standing.


Probably the King’s son. If I’m still a virgin then definitely so I could experience all those sensation and what not. Also I’m a sucker for romance. Although I would never use our relationship as means to further myself in life.