For Her Majesty's Honor


A RPG and action movie-inspired game I’ve been working on. Haven’t gotten very far, and could use some ideas, but if you want to test it out;

Appreciate feedback etc.


Is what I got from the link.


Umm… I believe you haven’t put your game into public mode :confused:



Sorry. That should be corrected now.


Still shows oops page.


Alright, this time I specified some stuff and saved it as public.


The images aren’t loading.


Yea, I’m thinking of changing or eliminating the images I was using, hence
I didn’t upload them.


I uploaded a version of the startup.txt without image links, so it
hopefully won’t look like it’s just missing them.


This was fun! I really like the world you’ve set up so far, and this story seems very promising. Keep it up :slight_smile:
I will say those stats do feel a bit clunky, though - maybe don’t separate all of them and the character description? Well, that’s how I feel, anyway.


Thank you very much. I was actually breaking up the stats/character
description to keep it from feeling cluttered lol.
I’m considering ditching stamina, though it’s standard for RPG’s, because
I’m not sure how exactly I’d handle it in this system.
I’m not sure if there’s going to be a romance option, maybe a few different
possible ones, we’ll see.


OK I’ll work on that. A lot of them are just the kinda stuff on a
character sheet though maybe I could spruce them up a bit.


Looks pretty good, I’ll be watching this


when we are picking out our magic item can we get a choice that takes us back to the first choices.


You need to put some description of what the plot a bit


Hey … I mean hi just read the beginning part so that it won’t spoil mood when I download .:blush: And I liked the story …Hehe and please put some romance option …Hehe , and it’s just a suggestion but can we romance with the queen too, and i don’t know but I feel that in the beginning their are some meaning error I mean when the part said about the fight to rule some clan which lead to splitting the clan in the beginning I think their is some meaning error … I hope you get what I mean by saying meaning error it’s just word which doesn’t belong with the group … Just check it it might be my fault too as English is not my mother tongue so check it out ok


Lol I knew someone would ask. That was honestly my original intention (to
have the option to go back to the first table), but Chronicler screwed it
up and repeatedly dumped lines of code out of order etc until I gave up on
that one.


I do have the choice to respond to the queen in a slightly flirtatious way,
so I think that romance there might be an option.
I was trying to maybe cram too much in just a little bit there, quickly
noting the two brothers splitting up the clan to set up the two kind of
cold warring nations. It deserves some elaboration, though I thought that
might bore people with walls of non-interactive history text.


A suggestion, perhaps you could clarify or give us the ability to choose our background. As it is right now it feels as if we were thrown a character instead of creating one.

Why are we working in the service? You gave us some choices already but it would be nice if it were to be expanded on more. What are our achievements to be so trusted or respected and to have gained the Queens attention? How did we ascend to such a rank?
Things like that. Unless you plan to tell us that in the future then ignore me haha~

Also would have liked choices that shed some light on our characters internal thoughts and reasonings for our choices/actions and such. Like how do we really feel towards the Queen versus how we act. It goes a long way in helping to develop our character more!

Anyways best of luck to ya.


I plan to expand your choices some more, but I hadn’t really thought too
much about how you became so honored etc. I can go into that some if you’d
I like a fair amount of customization, though I did give you some
established points to get into the plot (you’re basically a spy for the
queen - or maybe the king in the other country - to set up the main story
line). If you accept that conceit, I’ll try to give you a lot of possible
outcomes and ways to flesh out your character in a more individual fashion.

I’m not sure how to work in the choices that define your internal thoughts,
though I will try to give you behavior and dialog choices that reflect
Would you want, say, to be asked directly after a character is introduced
or does something, how you feel towards them? I admit it might help with
the relationship building.