Hi,I am a New user and am working on a project titled named Boon or Bane

Hi, I am a new User to choice Script and am working on a Project called Teen Prince.In this game you play as a prince who is next to the succession.But, your Step brother is trying all he can to Prove that he is better than you and he should be next in line.In this game you go through different Segments like Romance ,Investigation, Action etc., Your ideas are always welcome.



Can the MC be a princess, etc.? During investigation, does the game have logic puzzles, riddles, that kind of thing? It would be cool if it did… :wink:


The plot is promising to me. I’m waiting for the demo here.


Shin that’s against the rules to say that

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Maybe you can say that your step brother hired someone or he himself performed murder and blames it on you.

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Thanks mate, That is one of the branch quests in the game.

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I want to trigger a quest once a stat reaches a certain point.Can anyone help me with this?

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Well the central questions for my mc here would likely be:
a) Is he actually “better” than us at whatever the monarch in-game is supposed to do (or at least sort of comparable)? and
b) Will acceding to the throne involve a forced, heterosexual marriage?

If the answers the both those questions are “Yes” and my mc has at least a decent personal relationship with the guy he may well be his brother’s biggest supporter.

Well I suppose there would be an issue c as well:
c) In what sort of world is this set, medieval/fantasy (where straight marriage will likely be our only option, aside from possibly using magic) or modern/sci-fi, in which case we might at least be able to make a good case for gay marriage, in which case the throne would become much more desirable.


@Harley_Robin_Evans - my understanding is that it’s not against the rules to state you look forward to a demo - just to ask when it’s coming. Saying you’re looking forward comes off more as encouragement, while “when’s the demo coming out” sounds like harassment.

As for the plot of the game – a large portion of CoG/HG players happen to be female or nonbinary – that wouldn’t immediately preclude us from playing a game focused around a male MC, but it wouldn’t be the biggest draw. There are thousands of games out there wherein you can only play a male. If you want to gender-lock, please do female or NB; it provides more variety and feels more inclusive.

All that being said - I do like the idea of trying to prove myself as the best prince(ss) the kingdom has :wink:

Do you have any more information on the plot that you wish to share with us?


Sorry. Didn’t know i shouldn’t say that.

For all the players playing as female.They will go through these steps and at the end of the game I am planning on adding a quest once the become the king.They have an option to reveal their true identity which will trigger an extension to the game(Can only be availed if you select A female).

The game is set in Medieval period.I am new to the choice script.So, I don’t know the technicalities of what can be achieved through this language.So, I will try to do my best.


Add a scene for your quest (let’s say the scene is called ‘quest’). Whenever you raise that particular stat, add a line under it:
*gosub_scene quest

Then in the first line of the quest scene, put this:

*if stat>70
   *goto start_quest
*label start_quest
[quest code goes here]

Except “stat” would actually be the name of whatever stat you’re checking, and the number is whatever threshold it has to be over. If the stat isn’t high enough yet, it’ll just check and return you to the same point, and continue. If it is, it will go forward with the quest.


Thank you.Your help is really appreciated.I don’t want to use the same quest again and again.I want a counter which can trigger different events each time I call them.How can I do this?

What I mentioned last time is how you’d trigger a quest at a certain stat level or above. Here’s how you’d randomize which quest out of ten someone sees, after going to the quest scene.

There’s a command called *rand which rolls a die for you:
*rand quest_number 1 10

Let’s say quest_number refers to each of your possible quests. (You could actually call this “quest” too, because a variable and a scene name are different things. But to avoid confusion, we’ll name variables and scenes uniquely.) The first number after *rand is the lowest result you could roll, the second is the highest.

This is what comes next:

*if quest_number=1
   *goto start_quest_1

…which leads to a label within the scene for that particular quest.

*label start_quest_1
[Text quest, not indented]

Repeat 9 more times.

Now you’ll have to tell the code not to use any quest twice. Add a variable for every quest. Because the game will have to remember it despite leaving this scene and coming back, they’ll have to be permanent variables, so add them to startup.

*create quest_1_done false
(Do this for quests 2-10.)

Now you can do this with each quest:

*label start_quest_1
*if quest_1_done
   *goto reroll
*if not (quest_1_done)
   *set quest_1_done true
[continue quest text]
[at end, use *return or *goto_scene (scene you came from)]

Final step: add this -
*label reroll
Just above your *rand command. Then if your player triggers the flag saying they’ve already been to that quest, they’ll invisibly go back to choose another.


This looks interesting. I’d love to play a story about the schemes in a royal court. Also, as far as I know, step siblings tend to not be eligible for succession in a medieval kingdom, especially if there’s a direct male descendant of the current ruling monarch, so actually being gender-locked as a female would make the plot make more sense in my honest opinion.

Looking forward to trying this out. :smile_cat:

Thanks a million and guy’s i work on this game after my work hours.So, Don’t expect a Beta or pre-release any time soon


Sorry guys. I was a bit unhappy with the way the things were going.So, had to delete 3 drafts till date.Now the game is a Time travel-Political-Thriller.But, now I am at a bit of cross roads with the ending. I would love if some of you could help me with the quests here. This game plot goes like this…“Your character is a settled but ambitious man who time travels with the help of time keeper who can’t can’t travel back since he has reached travel limit and created the world in which your character lives happily. Now you have to go back to the past as a intangible object and stop a ruler who caused genocide from getting to power by aiding his half brother”. Please comment any quest that comes into your mind. I will try make this game as good and rich as possible.

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By to the stepbro thing, I would make him your halfbrother same dad different mom. Like MC’s mom died and your dad remarried a year and a day after the death of his wife. So he could inheirt the title. I’m pretty sure stepsiblings can’t be the new king.

Thanks Markel1970A .Ya did the same thing. But, Your stepmother was like evil Disney villain and forced your father’s hand into killing you.But, your father was not that cruel. He asked one of his servants to raise you as a commoner. But, when the servant dies you are asked to meet the king…