The knights apprentice


Alright…so here is my choice of thread…it will be where I post my story when it is done…or when im ready for it to be tested…Here is the basic plot…

You have finally achieved your dream of becoming the apprentice to a knight, he is a newly appeared figure in alicia, the kingdom you where born in, he keeps several things to himself…But when you discover his greatest secret will you fight with him as a knight of your own? Or as his enemy who will finally take him down…


#1 fan right here Green :stuck_out_tongue: I’m Supporting you! the plot sounds interesting. It seems personal.


Is it being personal a bad thing? And how do i set it to save difrent choices of names?


No! I think personal is a good thing story wise. also you have to code that part

*set [insert name stat here] “[name here]”

That’s the code you need ill do an example for you

My name stat will be… name XD

What do you want your name to be?
    *set name "Bob"
  #No Name
    *set name "No Name"
  #Douchebag Mcgee
    *set name "Douchebag Mcgee"
  #Pick my own name... Like a Boss!
    *input_text name

Your name is now ${name}!

Im not sure if you even know about adding stats and things but if you have a problem just post it here and ill get to figuring out the problem.


@Greenwolf If you’re interested in using historical titles, a knight’s apprentice would be either a page or a squire.


No… fake_choice does the same as choice but I guess with choice you have to put labels and stuff gets even harder but fake_choice just goes to the next thing beneath it so you wont have to add tons of crazy stuff


Also…And flase choices mean a choice that dosent matter? And also is there a certain way to add 4 endings? Thats sorta what I have with two good endings and two bad endings




Ill prolly just see if I can look up a crash course of this on youtube…That way I shall be able to get this up soon! I also am planning a romance optiion just so the game can be a bit longer :stuck_out_tongue:


I wont be a formal apprenticeship…Hence the Apprentice would not be a squire or page…I will use other historical titles such as reagent and steward ect


How long do you plan on this story to be? idk why but to me it sounds like it is gonna be like 10 pages long.


Idk…but i mean is length a issue?


Basicly I mean as a regular author i strive to write as much as possible…so should that not be my goal on here?


No! if it’s short no one here will care i’m just trying to get a gauge on this story.


Well, I would like it to be rather long…My goal is close to the length of Heroes rise maybe


I’m here if you need coding advice.


Alright…How do I set up a stat box though?


okay find your mygame.js and edit it with your notepad++ and it should look like…

// Specify the list of scenes here, separated by commas, with no final comma

nav = new SceneNavigator([


// Specify the default starting stats here

stats = {
    leadership: 0
    ,strength: 0

// Specify the stats to use in debug mode

debugStats = {


I took all the extra scenes off of mine you can keep them on. I just perfer them taken off because they are examples after all so why keep them. and you can add stats always add them under stats debugstats is just there dont mess with it but dont take it out it’s needed but you should never have to code in it just stats only.

stats = {
    leadership: 0
    ,strength: 0
    ,name: "Stranger"

I would add the name stats like what I did just now, and you can add stats and whatnot.


Mainly what I wanted was like a place where your persons name was, there relationships and stats like Chivalry ((Doing the right thing)) Villany ((obvious by name)) Trustworthyness ((how much people trust you…influences whether you can convince people to do stuff)) and reputation…



“Will you fight with him as a knight …Or as an enemy who ill finally take him down”

Is one path *good* and the other *evil* or can you be *good*/*bad* in either?