Wip "Cyber Renaissance"

I’m interested to hear the thoughts of fellow Choice of Gamers on this project.


Name: Cyber Renaissance
Genre: Science Fiction Roleplaying


Inspired by games such as Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you will find yourself in a cyberpunk universe not too far in the future. Corporate espionage, cyber warfare and advanced A.I.s will all be a part of the ride. Also, lot’s of cool ass technology 'n stuff.

Here’s a demo of the progress so far:


Cyberpunk!!! I gona cry !!! My favourite scify subgenre!!! I love you @Pilgrim :*

Amazing writing work its like the neuromancer or deus ex, i got an error when try to charm mister lesmort in presentation

Error: line 398: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

If you choose to stay silent at the CEO, you get into a loop where you have to pick your race, afterwhich you meet the CEO and it just stays in this loop.

Sorry, I havent gotten further than the conversation with the CEO, so there is no working reaction to the four possible responses.

Well in the charming one after the error appear the response

Found an error:
line 392: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

After you try to thank Mr. Lesmort.

I had same error as archangel

At the point where you refuse Prometheus for the second time, it continues on to the next chapter anyway instead of ending the game.

Thanks for pointing that out Ramidel, I should include a “game over” screen.

Great game so far can’t wait to see where it goes

You may want to change it from game development to Works in progress if you get the chance

Amazing! It has so much potencial and the demo was quite enjoyable with a formidable amount of intellectual writing and concepts as well as a good amount of customization. In short, definitely something I’ll be waiting on.

I agree with Batinthehat, the Demo was quite enjoyable and very well written. It left me wondering what nefarious purpose the corporation intends to use my character for, since we are obviously being outfitted for either combat or espionage.

I have a question for the experienced cog-makers out there:

I want to make it so that, when you have chosen your sex, the following happens. If you choose Male, you get:

*set title “Mr.”
*set himher “him”
*set hishers “his”
*set 2nd “he”

So that I can write scenes with both sexes in mind. For example:

“I see the patient looks healthy. {2nd}, seems to like what {2nd} is doing. What should we do with {himher}. Is that {hishers} car?”


However, where should I add these variables? I have tried using

*temp 2nd
*set 2nd: “x”

in the startup file.


I have also tried adding the base values, before choosing sex, in the “mygame” file

,title: "x"
,himher: "x"
,hishers: "x"
,2nd: "x"

However, I do NOT want to include these variables in the stats screen. And “mygame” does not seem to have a list for variables.


So my question is how, if at all possible, can I include these variables in the game?

Since these seem like you are going to use these stats the entire game, you would put it in mygame. You do not have to put those stats in the stats screen if you don’t want too.

Does this answer your question?

I always use titles and such like this:
*create him_her
*set him_her “him”
For all of them,but most people dont like my way of doing it

@Pilgrim, looks like you’re doing things right with the mygame.js file, assuming you’ve got those stats in the section that starts:

// Specify the default starting stats here

stats = {

None of them will show up in the stats screen unless you put them in your choicescript_stats file. Every variable you create is a “stat” in mygame, but the stat screen only ever shows a fraction of the stats in the game – the ones you specifically want to display in choicescript_stats.

@wiredchimp, the *create command is out-of-date code – it doesn’t run as smoothly as having all the permanent variables in the mygame file. It’s fine for a game that won’t go anywhere but these forums… but if you wanted to actually have a hosted game published on the site, better to switch the variables you’ve created into mygame.js.

Currently “mygame” looks like this:


When I add the 4 new variables (title; 2nd; himher; hisher) into “mygame”, I get a script error when I start up the game. When I take them out the game runs smoothly.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

@Pilgrim – not sure if this is it, but it looks from your image like there’s a gap in between the “cqc” and “title” stats. (Maybe you hit Return twice before adding the new stats – or maybe you pasted them in with an extra line above them?) Anyway, first thing I’d check is whether you can get them all continuous, and see whether that helps.