Looking for Beta Testers -- Fix: Run


I’ve got a small cyberpunk game I’m working on, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!




I would like to beta test if possible :grin:


pretty fun so far keep it up.


That was really different! A good different, I liked that it was fast paced, didn’t really get bored and I was really curious about where it was all going.


This seems really cool! Very unique.


I would recommend adding some type of description before the game begins, because I feel that currently, the player has to jump in very quickly to a setting that isn’t fully explained. I think I would have enjoyed the game better if I had a better knowledge of what the setting was. Therefore, some type of explanation, preferably before the game begins, would, in my opinion, improve the game for many people.


The concept was neat but with the last scene, I felt the game demo is nothing more than an advert for the book.

If you really are making a COG game, you might want to incorporate all the info on the last page into an introductory.

Another couple of thoughts:

  1. Asking people to google up an answer might be going a bit far.
  2. guessing the correct file to upload is a PitA. might want to consider redoing that part.

The demo was very interesting and if developed it can be a very attractive statement.


I’d be interested in beta testing :grinning:


There are also those who hate the intros and prefer to be thrown into the unknown. I’m not one of them but they are out there.


It is true that there are people that prefer being directly in the action. That’s why the option should be given to read an introduction that explains the story’s premise or to simply jump straight into the game. That way, both sides win. Those, like me, who want some explanation of the game get one and those who prefer to dive right in don’t have to read the intro.


Being The Mission Control ? Novel idea Im Somewhat impressed.
If you need betatesters ping me.


I understand what you are saying and I have heard this topic before and I do not disagree at all. I just thought you had left out the other side and I was playing devil’s advocate for the author’s sake


Well, it does make sense that you’d play devil’s advocate, after all, the position I express is what I’d personally like. That’s why I think the intro should be optional. There should be a choice is all I’m saying.


Well I’m not sure what you meant there… (No offense taken) But I do agree completely with the next part.


I’d love to beta test


Thanks! You can check it out here. (It’s short. :slight_smile: ) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8053418/dfabulich-choicescript-d85dd0f/web/mygame/index.html


Thanks much for the input! I’ve done some longer CoG stuff in the past, but this one is meant to be short. Sort of like the IF companion for The Martian or that one a while back for the Bond movie. Part of the same world as the book, but its own story. I’ll try to lay that out better.


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