Another Game Idea? Cyberpunk-style. [Interest Gauging]

Hello everyone! Now, before anyone goes and gets their pitchforks, I’m still working on Of Beasts and Humans. However, my mood is like the summer breeze and sometimes I might take a break from OBaH because I’m not feeling up to comedy and anime monster girl antics and I feel I should be productive if I’m not up for fantasy for a week or two. So that brings me up to this idea I’ve had for a while (initially for an RPG maker game), but never really brought into fruition (because I’m bad at video game making).

The theme this time is something a bit outsides my comfortzone. But I love it anyway. What this game would be about are robots. To be more specific, a cyberpunk dystopian post-apocalyptic sort of robot story. “But Ledel! Isn’t that every YA novel nowadays?!” Well, yes actually but meh specifics specifics.

The story itself is not some creepy government in white coats making two teenagers creepily make out. This one places in a post-apocalyptic region where robots gained a specific level of sentience/free-will and decided they didn’t need humans as masters anymore. They then proceeded to take over the humans and make them the slave labor instead. Meanwhile robots have created a sort of caste system (not unlike the humans before. Ironically, the most human-like robots are those that are the top and most corrupt. The blockiest are the lowest classes). It’s unknown what triggered the sentience but humans are salty and outcroppings of rebellion are around. It’s both colorful and not all browns and greys, but the outcome is bleak and the story itself is probably pretty dark, focusing on more realistic interpretations of such a society. Of course, as par for my course, there isn’t going to be a big “society” feature, just a small group of rag-tag-misfits because I’m a bias person who loves my misfits.

I’m curious how many people would actually be interested in this. I know cyberpunk isn’t as popular as fantasy nowadays but hey. Wynaut why not? I know it seems crazy for me to do this, but multitasking is a skill of mine so woop woop~.


And here I thought YA was too busy with vampires and “lesson teaching” magical curses to touch anything major.

I love cyberpunk but I don’t like post apocalypse all that much. If the apocalypse in question was something even the conspiracy theorists of their universe couldn’t see coming I’ll make an exception.

oh!! (hide my pitchfork and torch)… you’re safe ledalla… for now :smiling_imp:

so, what is MC role in the story? are they human, or robot?

Uhuhu, I should be wary~

But so far I am going to have PC be a human thief who has been caught stealing food from a higher level aristocrat and unceremoniously “dumped in the trash”. The story is going to start with more serious action in contrast to lighthearted comedy. Not that there won’t be any.

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In short and to borrow from Nike’s ™

“Just do it”

You are a excellent writer and anything that can help keep you inspired and motivated is a good thing. It can also spawn some other ideals for your current WIP while you tinker away on project B XD.