(Unknown title) wip idea of mine


Hello everyone! I used to be a lurker on these forums, but I have know decided to try and write a story. However, I want to know if you guys would be interested in it.The story would be about fighting for your life against a society of people who hunt down everyone for sport. You could hide/flee from them, or join forces with others who are being hunted and retaliate to try and defeat the “hunters” before they enslave their “inferiors” while decimating everything in there path. There will be betrayal, death, violence, destruction, and other things (that I am still planning) that will be incorporated in this story. So would you guys be interested?


Sounds interesting, but depends on how it executed though.


Yup I am into games like that




i could be interested if

-There will be option to be charming

  • Could i be evil i hate being forced be the typical goodie to shoes
    poison? and other subtles weapons are in?


Sounds fun :slight_smile:


Sounds like something I would play.

PS: I think a good source of inspiration would be “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connel. Just google “Read the Most Dangerous Game” and it’ll pop up.


We speaking humans hunting other humans? Or aliens/monsters hunting humans? Or perhaps humans hunting creatures, which they believe themselves to be superior to? Or something else?


me hunting down everyone?


Sounds interesting and my kind of game.


Just thought of this, but will we have a chance to hunt with the hunters?


@MaraJade there will be several instances to be charming/charismatic and there will be plenty of opportunities to be evil. However I don’t seem to understand what you mean by other subtle weapons.

@Yamamato thanks. I remember reading The Most Dangerous Game back when u was in middle school, and I will take your advice.

@FairyGodfeather we are speaking of humans hunting other humans.

@PORT3R It is completely the MC’s choice on whom you hunt down. So to answer your question, yes… if you can survive long enough.

@ninja6398 Yeah, you can hunt whomever you choose. Alternatively you can choose not to hunt people. And there will be specific scenes where you may hunt with the hunters albeit the intentions of why you are hunting with them will be unknown (as of right now).

@everybodyelse thank you all for commenting, I will use your words as motivation for me to try and get a demo out in a couple of weeks (give or take three days). As soon as my finals are over I will work avidly on this soon-to-be wip.


Sounds interesting can’t wait far the demo


subtle weaponry as traps tranquilizer darts false presents with bombs inside , umbrella´s sword etc


Hmm… Having traps sounds like fun but I will think about it.


This game reminds me of the story the worlds most dangerous game.