Was wondering what you thought about this idea?

I am incredibly new to this scene, only found out about COG a few days ago and, I don’t know, I guess I got swept up by it quicker than just about anything, and thought I’d try my hand at it.

I’m a writer by nature, I tend to publish my stories on free sites, and the thought of choosing your own options is, like, the most amazing idea ever to me.

I’ve got this idea, I’ve even wrote a bit of the first chapter, gotten past the stats creation, name, info- all that jazz, and usually I’d just go ahead and work further, but I’m one of those people that don’t like working on something people won’t appreciate, so I want to ask your opinion on this! Also, to see if it’s been done…

I mean, I’ve really only looked at the pages on COG and I see vampires and zombies, but as far as I there isn’t any werewolves!

The project I’m working on is about werewolves. Now, the main idea is werewolf vs. hunters, but instead of being forced to be a werewolf, you have the choice to be a hunter and completely changing the course of the game. It’s considerably non-linear, the choices you make can completely change the ending. Then there’s also the chance of having the plots converge? Oh, your a hunter with a soft spot for werewolves? Then go down a third (main) path where you’re helping them out, and vice versa.

I don’t know about you, but I believe this might take a lot of work and time, which I have a lot of till college starts up again, so I’m more than willing to work on it.

EDIT: Just had the realization that I could take another route, where you’re both human and NOT a hunter… Hrm…

Ha, found a werewolf story soon after I posted this.

If you have inspiration for the game, then by all means write it. People will play your game and, if its well written, they will enjoy it. Start small, get a demo up, and start building a fanbase. Go @Babisko, make an amazing game!

@Babisko Yes, wolves are every popular on this site alot of people have tried wolf related stuff so, werewolf related stuff would be welcomed, though I yes there is another person doing something similar but that doesnt matter continue with your ideas.

Also, Remember you have an entire forum of people here to support you and any of us will help you… or atleast I hope so, but I know most are willing to help anyone who comes to us for help.

Thanks to both of you! I’ve noticed that this site has been very welcoming, especially compared to others, and I greatly appreciate it!

@Babisko sounds like a cool idea, I’ve been working on a werewolf story for a few months now too.

@Babisko Yes, that’s what brought me here the feeling of being welcomed with open arms even though I was new, it’s really a nice feeling, and everyone has been really supportive of me even before I became the king of the forum.

@lackofmops @Babisko The world needs more werewolve stories, I prefer werewolves over vampires anyday.

@2Ton you won’t be king of the forum much longer… *evil smile*

Hi Babisko! Welcome to the forum!

I think that there’s two games in progress with werewolves just now, (Werewolves Rising and Unnatural) and one about Werecats, because cats are clearly better than wolves. :slight_smile: There’s also mine, which I don’t count since I’ve not posted anything up, but dating werewolves is meant to be a part of it, and worrying about if getting bit will change you.

So you should definitely write your werewolf game. Be wary about writing so many paths to start with though, the more the plot diverges, the more work it is for you. It’s better to start thinking small, or at least to think of points where the plots converge. However it’s up to you! If you want three very separate paths go for it! I look forward to seeing your game.

Yeah, figured I’d taken on a bigger task than I should have, but I wanted to make something where the choices make a huge impact, you know? I’ve gotten to the point that if I can’t get to my computer I start writing in a notebook that I’ve started to carry around with me. It’ll definitely be full by the time I’m done, I’m sure.

I know! I want to do the same, a game where choices have a huge impact. In my first mini-game I quickly released how things got out of hand. Also my testers pointed out they didn’t like important scenes being buried at the bottom of choices where they generally wouldn’t even see them. They didn’t like it when I had a NPC you could only meet if you made some very specific choices. And I found the game was really short if I only let people choose Route 1, Route 2, or Route 3. I ended up writing ways you could do Route 1 then Route 2 then Route 3.

I think the game where every choice makes an impact is an ideal.

That’s great that you’re writing so much though. Write it! Enjoy it. Have fun with what you’re doing.

I had that thought to, that you could only do certain things, but then I figured, nothing has to be set in stone. Like, I’m going to have four romance options, 2 for the hunters and 2 for the werewolves, and at first I thought it would be a bit disappointing if you didn’t have a chance at all of them, but I figure, I might make it harder to romance the opposing side options, but it could still be possible. It might be difficult but by the time I get THERE I’ll have more experience in writing whatsoever.

Oh no! It’s definitely okay to have two romance options each side. In fact that encourages replayability and it also makes the romances more believable, since if they were willing to romance the enemy I think that would be a completely different story from falling in love with a comrade at arms.

I hope so. I have the feeling I’m going to end up making this considerably intricate because I want to romance to work the way I want it to, I’m probably just gonna create completely new scenes. I’m stubborn like that. Though, so far it’s coming alright, I only had two real problems, one with not being able to get the stats to work, at all, but I figured that out. The worst problem I’ve run into so far is getting java to work for the quicktests. That was just a mess, until it wasn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

@CPFace had a wonderful werewolf WiP, but there’s been nary an authorial whisper on it since Feb: http://www.choiceofgames.com/forum/discussion/389/the-beast-of-76th-street/p4

Look forward to seeing your game, @Babisko!

Had to scrap some of it, which I usually hate having to do, but I feel a bit good about it since I finally figured out how to use variables, so that really, really helps out and makes things a bit more interesting… Learning slowly but surely :smiley: