Dreamers [WIP]

hey peoples L-)
so ive been starting to try a new idea for a choice of game called Dreamers and it is basically about you as a dreamer an very intelluctuall person who has the supernatural ability to dream whatever they want and make it physically real

Oh well, this is kind of uncomfortable.
Sorry to interrupt you but… um http://www.choiceofgames.com/forum/discussion/2255/lucidity-wip
Good luck though, I like competition

That’s sound like a writers battle good luck to you to lol :-))

Thanks, though I support him all the way.
Even though the concepts might seem parallel, werewolf’s concept is different (materialization through dreaming) and quite nice on its own.

But I’m on.

fine best writer wins L-) deal?

:smiley: sure!

@werewolf123101911 Not to put you on the spot, but Im very sure you are just taking other people’s ideas…

You wanted to do one that sounded very similar to @lackofmops then slenderman, now Im very certain you are stealing from @Daedalus I know it’s very bold accusation, and people might get upset with me, but out of all the ideas this suddenly comes to you? and if you look at the title and your description you copied Daedalus… and I can tell it was purposely, even on the title you copied the [WIP] part, and if you look carefully everyone has their own unique way of telling people it’s a WIP, but yours is ripped.

Im not trying to say youre bad or anything but you should come up with your own ideas, it’s a bit frustrating with you cluttering up the forum with projects you arent even going to start, especially when you are discouraging others from writing their works because now they have the pressure of thinking they have to compete with someone.

Really not trying to come off as the forum douchebag, but seriously?

this story MIGHT be similar to @daedalus but are you REALLY going THAT far into accusing me of stealing peoples ideas of the way they make the - wip? who cares and you havent even read the story that im making so please BACK OFF!!!

@2ton YOU ARE COLD!!! […]

@werewolf123101911 Fine.

Yikes… this thread started off good and then “bang”. I can see why werewolf is so pissed off now. 2Ton you might wanna apologize… or at least reword what you said.

i am about to freaking storm out of my house and freaking yell as loud as i can done

@Gran_Sleep Apologies rarely come from me, if I say something that means 9 times out of 10 I fully believe it, im not trying to insult him or anything and im not opposed to being inspired by someone but every project he has decided to take on someone has had to go “Wait, that is just like mine.” I wouldnt of said anything if it looked like he was putting thought into the plot, but to me it seems like he is just copying, did you see daedalus’ description for their story? it was in-depth right, like what? a day or two later he has this up and gives the tiniest of detail besides that it’s just like daedalus’ story.

Im just trying to say dont take ideas just to take them, unless youre really gonna put work in and 2 days of thinking about a story, that you didnt really come up for the basis for I think you need more time than that or it’s gonna be horrible especially when you have multiple projects out that you barely even fleshed out or even fully got into, is all im saying, not trying to put the man down. Im trying to tell him try his own thing.

Again, since people will obviously twist my words, you can get inspiration from someone and write a similar story but when it’s just an impulsive thing just to do it, dont do it.

I just wanna see end-products and if youre new to writing/CS or timid and someone on the site wants to write the same kinda story as you it can be intimidating, and or make you not wanna finish, and I dont want him to do this again and we end up not having story over it, it happens all the time.

The two stories had their first posts about 4 hours apart, give or take a few minutes. Not quite one or two days. I am looking forward to both works since I like the concept.

@werewolf123101911 4 hours? and you decided to make a similar story? you need to put more thought into things, is all im saying.

I almost posted what 2Ton did, but decided for once that I wouldn’t be the forum bad guy. This isn’t fleshed at all; it’s a summarized copy of Daedalus’ post and, frankly, Daedalus seems more up-to-task, when judging by your respective forum posts and the detail of the concepts.

@ADNox You can have your job back.

@werewolf123101911 CoG made a vampire story, but I don’t feel that they copied Twilight or Dracula. CoG and JimD both made zombie games, but their stories are different (at least last time I checked, which was months ago). (Even I’m working on a romance-ish game, but It’s going to different from the CoG game.) Two games can share a similar topic, yet be very different. Daedalus’s game seems like it’s going to focus a lot on politics. You could write a story about an insomniac who must fight the urge to sleep because they cannot yet lucid dream, and whatever they dream-nightmare or otherwise becomes real. I can see the story becoming darker and twisted, yet still sharing the same topic as Lucidity. So, write whatever you want.

@sovereign2lilith my story and @daedalus’s story might have similar plot lines but who says i gave a WHOLE description?

Uh, 2ton? Let’s try not to harass Werewolf123101911 (but I just can’t help being razmataz’d when typing that name), here. I know you’re just criticizing him or her, although kind of harshly, but he/she WAS the one who created this topic. So you should appreciate the topic owner’s wishes. Same goes for appreciating another person’s work.