Waking Dreams (Idea)

I have this idea for a CoG, and figured i’d run it by the community to see if it was a good one.

Basically, you play an everyday high school student. You’re not some monster hiding among the humans, or some terrorist turned student. Just your everyday average teenager.

One night, when you go to sleep, you find yourself having a strange dream where multiple people from your school show up, such as your best friend Lucas, or the school delinquent Daryl, or popular girl Katlynn.

The next day, you find out your friend had the same dream, as did the others you saw in the dream.

Basically, you and the rest of the main cast are selected by the Sandman to help stop the dreamworld from being consumed by nightmares by finding the one responsible, a man named Jonathan who fell into a coma and is permanently trapped in the Dreamworld, and waking him up.

Characters would include:

  • Lucas, the MC’s best friend (Who loves animals!)
  • Daryl, the quiet delinquent with a hidden past
  • Katlynn, the Queen of Greybell High (and the tsundere of this bunch)
  • Melodie, the foreign student (Who has to communicate through a Google Translate like app on her phone)
  • Kai, the school’s new idol (Star Athlete, Perfect Grades, that kind of thing)
  • Tara, the Dream Girl (Literally)
  • Mr. Summerfell, the Teacher everyone loves having or wish they had
  • Sandy, the Sandman (Who else would a person named Sandy be? A squirrel?)

The first six characters above would also be the ROs.

Half the game would take place in the “Real” world, and the other half would take place in the Dream World, which you would enter whenever you go to sleep.

I kind of like this idea, and was wondering if i should go though with it and try to make it into a WiP.


The premise sounds pretty interesting, as do the characters. I’d say to go for it.


Yeah, sounds like you’ve got a strong concept there. I’d definitely like to play it.

Totally! I assume that the girls aren’t all straight? I’m too happy in life now to throw a tantrum unless I really have to :yum:

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Girls are never straight - they are always curvy.

tantrum, really?

Can I watch?

About taking a vid and going viral with it?

@SiROSTRiKE - Ideas are your specialty -> let’s see a demo and some words on a page… the idea seems very well thought out and formatted - go for it and lets see where this takes you.


This idea really intrigues me. I like dream-related stories and would really enjoy seeing a CoG with this topic. It sounds like you have a cogent plot, and the characters sound like the have potential to be appealing.

I second this question, but replacing the word “girls” with “boys” :grinning:


Oneironauts, huh? that’s cool.

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Awww you don’t really want me to throw a tantrum…do you? :disappointed:

Sounds interesting, I’ll give you that. A demo would be good. Although I hate when I’m given a prearranged supporting character, “MC’s best friend.” Why? I hate him already.

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Somewhat remind me of Jack Frost from dreamworld? DreamWork?(I forgot the name)I looking forward to this☺

It sound really good can’t wait to try the demo and that

I like the high school setting, not as keen on the dreamworld idea(but that’s just me, I’m fussy with anything fantasy/supernatural lol) but would definatley be willing to give it a go, depending on how a yp is written I can like genres I normally don’t. My first reaction of how I’d like this game from the info we have, is if we had a range of motives as to why we want to stop the dreamworld being consumed by nightmares, I probably wouldn’t be as keen if my mc just went along with it. And yeah, I’d be more inclined to like it if there was a deep background/reasons based on any customisation as to why lucas is our best friend, but he likes animals, so that’s a good start :stuck_out_tongue: .

Now now. No throwing tantrums, children.

I haven’t really decided what each RO would be, so for now they’re all Bisexual.

Imma try to finally get that done.

Well, how bout changing him to “The guy who has always tried to be your friend”?

Well, i never said that the MC would want to, but that the Sandman would want them to. How you feel on the matter would be up to choice (as well as if you decide to go along with saving the dreamworld or not.)


I’m just going to point out that if you write a super awesome girl and she’s straight then I will annoy the crap out of you until:
A. You change it
B. I die
C. @_l1ttleliar tells me to leave you alone

So write wisely :stuck_out_tongue:


:yum: I’ll keep that in mind.

######Halp! The Cat won’t stop running back and forth in front of the monitor!


im looking forward to seeing this project come to life

Don’t let the coding scare you even if it is a pain.

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I don’t think anyone’s ever written a WIP like that… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It sounds cool; good luck. :grin:

Well, as long as one of the three guys (Daryl and Kai are both guys, right?) is both cute and bi/gay, then I won’t complain. Actually, can it be Lucas? He sounds cute. :blush:

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Indeedleedoo they are indeed.

How does he already sound cute? You only found out two things about him: That he likes animals and tries to be your friend.


:rolling_eyes: boys…