Nightmares and Decay WIP


Nightmares and Decay is a story about you, a Witch, trying to survive in a world you hadn’t known existed.

This game is co-authored by myself and 13Ventrm, and the two of us want to present the forum-goers with what we have crafted thus far. We eagerly look forward to any questions, comments, issues, or problems you have.

So, without further ado:


Awesome demo :slight_smile:


We’d be delighted if you all were to take the time to state any criticisms you may have of the game, we will take them into consideration.


I know this game i helped plan it out -___-


You are helping him? @vampierkid222 can you tell us more about the story?


No this was along time ago we started working on this but i got left out of it and they continued with out me.


Oh sorry i want a lore story i loved victorian age


@vampierkid222 While the initial prompt of “you are a witch” was indeed your suggestion, other than that none of the ideas you presented during the rough development stage were utilized in this demo, nor the work as a whole. I apologize if Aritour and I offended you by working on our own game, but I believe there’s room enough for more than one game covering a certain concept.

@MaraJade I’d very much like to hear your thoughts on the work, if you would be so kind.


Except the occasional missing small word or two, I thought it was an exceptional demo.


Nice! This game looks promising. Well written as well :slight_smile:


I love the demo so far have a good ritm in it but can i sell the underground to the hunters? The underground people and her needs dont care to my shelfish ilussion girl. I also love a little more character customitation and a pet i wanna my black cat and broom if i am a witch!!


@fantom Why thank you, I’ll proof read it again and attempt to correct the missing words.

@MaddiMastermind Thank you kindly, your input is quite flattering.

@MaraJade Hm, the selling out idea is definitely one worth consideration, as is additional character customisation, thank you. Although I’m afraid the black cat, pointed hat, and broom would clash a bit much with the tone, in my opinion.


But a little kitty :X it will be cool, and also would be some romance a young witch in a underground group has to find so fun,


@13ventrm If you had a familiar, it could take the form of a cat or some other animal.


I can’t dig too far into the game as of now (I have an exam in an hour) but the prose is impressive. It doesn’t contain one of my pet peeves, which is the overuse of “you” at the beginning of second-person POV sentences. The sentence structure is varied, and I caught some beautiful complex sentences in there. Maybe these compliments seem ridiculous, but I pay attention to sentence construction.


@MaraJade Romances are currently planned, although I think the most we’ll be able to do with a cat is have one hang around the protagonist sometimes.

@Farside They’re actually quite flattering, I was worried the prose would come off as too melodramatic at times. I look forward to your full asessment.


innocentely should be innocently.
Loved this!


One of my worries is that the protagonist can be a bit too crass at times, I’d like to know if he/she comes off as such to you, the players. I thank you all in advance for your input.

@will9265 I don’t believe we’ll be implementing familiars, but thank you for the suggestion.

@Bagelthief Ah, thank you! We’ll get right on correcting the mispellings and typos.


Love the demo! The pc does seem a bit crass in some dialogue, but it seems justified given their situation (being attacked, being dragged off to a magical city, having no idea what they’re getting into, ect). It may be a good idea to gradually have them become less crass as they become comfortable with their situation, but still allow people to play them as such if they choose.


One of the first things I noticed was that the PC was too crass for my liking. Normally, I’d stop playing, but the writing was good enough that I can accept it. I did notice that as I kept playing, that seemed to disappear (almost suddenly after the train) which would make sense if my character were moving into a more comfortable setting, but that really didn’t seem to be the case!

I would agree that it’s justified for their situation, but the option for it to fade away gradually over time would be nice.