The Undead Apocalypse (WIP)


The world we knew is Gone, The Undead Occupy the Earth.
Keeping your Humanity is a choice.
Choices, Decisions…
But Don’t Forget Your Top Priority: SURVIVAL.

The story follows a 17 year old boy named Michael Tex…

It’s not ready yet, but please play and tell me what you think…


Why Do You Hate Kevin So Much?
Why You Wish Him Death Like That?
he is a good guy you just don’t know him. :((


to short to judge but i found this error when i checked the stats
line 4: Non-existent variable ‘leadership’


The writing… doesn’t really flow, y’know?


I like the idea but I personally feel as if its rushed and that you don’t have any connection to the game but I like the concept


Got a lot of potential man. A few spelling errors, and when you pick the choice “I don’t remember.” when letting someone out the door, there’s a line error.
Agreed with JLBH, like the concept, but I feel it’s a bit rushed.


line 244 no expected choice body.

I really couldn´t say i like it, a terrible flow and rushed. The fact i have to be a drunk druggie boy without brain also dont help and not possible changing of name. Sorry, if i being too rude my apologies, but if you amply the settings i certainly don’t want be a druggie called Micke, why you dont put more backgrounds for the party and start describing the party and start explain character live and all more slowly. Sorry im not good explained feedback in not rude mode, but i only try help


I’d always prefer a game where you get to choose or “create” your own character, and it looks like you have alot of competition as far as zombie games… That’s just my medical opinion


@djma46 it’s short because i only started, i want to focus on the story before making the stat screen, i mean i don’t have any stats to work with yet.
@MaraJade line 244 that is probably when i stopped working on it. I’m so sorry i didn’t want to give that feel of a druggie boy with no brains named micke, i just wanted michael not to remember anything and i plan to show that he is the opposite of that.
I will put some more backgrounds for the party and start with describing everything.
and another thing, you did help a lot. :smiley:
@Doctor It’s my first game i prefer to start with something simple and i will give him more personality, maybe you will like it. :slight_smile:

SORRY i was so exited about my idea that i forgot that i shouldn’t go too fast. :frowning:


@Vlad433 You can have a simple game with letting people choose their name, gender and age. That adds only four variables.


I know i just prefer not to do it. maybe i will add it when i finish the game :slight_smile:
and also i dont want it be simple, i will make it as complex as i can but it will be harder with those variables, name gender age.


@Vlad433 Well, in your reply to Doctor, you said you wanted to start with something simple, but he, and probably a lot of other people, would like to create their characters. Name, last name, age and gender are the easiest variables to implement with your game still being easy to make.

Well, gender might require pronoun variables which I find slightly confusing at times, but if that is too complicated for you, you could always use *if and the gender as the condition instead of actual variables.


gender pronomes are easy once you learn how make them.

For instance you do a npc that could be a girl called Roberta or a boy called Robert

*create npc_name “unknown”
*create he “he”
*create him “him”
*create his “his”
You see
----#A boy called Robert
--------*set npc_name “Robert”
--------*goto 1
----#A girl called Roberta
--------*set npc_name “Roberta”
--------*set he “she”
--------*set him “her”
--------*set his “her”
--------*goto 1
*label 1
Ey you say {him} {npc_name}! you keep trying called {his} attention but all is in vain, {npc_name} couldn’t hear you.

Girl Read Roberta, she and her boy Robert he his and him is ultra easy!


I know but it makes me a mess


Oh, well it’s at first i have headaches and even a nightmare when a code error jumps from my iphone with teeth trying catch me, no kidding. But in few days something makes click in your brain and code has sense and become funny. You only need perseverance you will catch it in no time cheers >:D<


That has to be the funniest nightmare I’ve ever heard of :smiley:


@Samuel_H_Young Nah it was only a yellow error similar to pacman but with teeth.

I always got weird dreams when i get obsess with something, when i tryed understand the Sylmarilion a bunch of trees with names dont let me pass. And i dreamed a alternative Harry poter and Death hollows really peculiar , and 100% dadass when Link from legend of zelda save the universe with a light sword.


I’m not gonna even attempt to comprehend the Silmarillion until I’m 60, haha xD. And I wish I had cool dreams like yours.


I’m pretty sure i know every thing in choicescript coding .
It’s just… at first i want to have my idea finished then i will add every thing people want.
i wanted to know if its readable and if people like it, you know?
i dont want to put the abillity the choose your name yet, first have my idea finished.
Because honesly… #-o i haven’t came up with a story line… because the game should be … i’m not sure wat is the right word … interactive so the player will choose his own story…
but its not like i have no idea of wat i gonna write.
So i’m gonna work on the prologue to be okey… not rushing or one that doesn’t flow…
But thanks anyway :-bd


@MaraJade your first comment Killed me : drunk druggie boy without brain
called Micke XD =))