Zombie game (Working title)


After many hours of thinking and partly inspired by Zombie Exodus, I decide to make a zombie choice a script game,I have written the first two pages and not got on coding yet and I want the forum to give me plot ideas for my story

the basic plot is

you play as a British girl who is stuck in zombie infested America, name has already been decided already and romance is possible with three guys and you are going to be partly involved with a cure. :smiley:



Sup, sup!

I’m crappy at plots but are you going for a lengthy story or like short story?

@2Ton lengthy story I think but i will play with it I see if I get any plot ideas and tried to work them into the story

@diamondgirl good luck! Looking forward to it.

Will people make comments about the accent? (Something I’m all too familiar with)

XD I was about to make a accent related question!

@trollhunterthethird no, but there will be a culture clash with e.g. guns (UK has not massive gun culture) and you will part of a group so you are not alone.

@diamondgirl Well this is choice of games so don’t restrict yourself. If you’re going for a lengthy story then you’ll need a large area or multiple small areas that will be apparent. If you are using real places, it’s good to be factual and accurate but games like this change the scenery. One interesting idea would be to add homosexual choices since you might have some guys playing as well. Never ever ever go with a one ending story.


Agreed with everything, and a Little Girl X Girl never hurt anyone

@Diamondgirl, it sounds like you already have the perfect plot for your game.

You just need to ask yourself some questions.

Who are these three guys?
How do you cure the zombies?
What skills do you have that will aid this?
Is one of the guys going to be a zombie?
Can you become a zombie?

@FairyGodfeather Is one of the guys going to be a zombie? That would make a Warm Bodies style thing, which would be weird. No offense to the idea but that might be a little difficult.


Tell me this isn’t romantic :slight_smile: http://www.kongregate.com/games/krangGAMES/i-saw-her-standing-there

I’ll admit I’ve no idea what Warm Bodies is. Shaun of the Dead does have a zombie kept around at the end though and hey a zombie love interest would at least mix things up and separate the game from all others. I was, admittedly, mostly being silly though.


It might start out as romantic, but towards the end it just gets terrible IMHO. And upon replay, it’s rather freaky. The guy’s monologues scream “some kind of nutcase”, and start doing so very early.

I figure carrying on a romance with a zombie would be terrible, but it possibly resulting in one of the characters getting offed/needing to be mercy-offed might be valid.

@FairyGodfeather Warm Bodies is a movie that came out recently and is about a zombie who falls in love and starts to become human again. And the game is very romantic and funny. I guess you could get away with it if you somehow found a cure and turned him back.

I found the game funny. I was saying “isn’t it so romantic” sarcastically, or at least while grinning. Although I’ll admit I found him no more a nutcase than your typical person pursuing love in a game.

@Gamejunkie Meh! Is it a romcom? Is it like Twilight? Or is it more like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland and Army of Darkness?

I think there’s plenty of material to explore for carrying out a romance with a zombie although from the looks of it Warm Bodies has already gone there.

@FairyGodfeather Its humor is like Zombieland but it’s story love at first sight is like Twilight while being separated and finding each other again is like The Notebook.

This.is.pretty.much.everything.i’ve.been.looking.for.in.a.game. omggf

@FairyGodfeather in the answer to your questions

  1. these guys are totally opposites of each other two them are brothers who they fight over each other for her affections, and the third guy if you choose him sort of hates her at first but mellows his opinions of her and no love triangle, I don’t think that i could code it

  2. i have not decide how she would cure it yet i only written two pages of chapter 1.

  3. I sort of gave her a scientific background, she could use her knowledge of some how defeated the zombies

  4. i may kill off one of the love interest, but that for later on

  5. and no she can’t become a zombie

@alleykea i was thinking how i could make a zombie game interesting, i could of set in the UK, but I had work around the gun laws we have in place. and i thought about what your character is from a different country and is stuck in country which is totally alien to your own one. You had to survive the zombies which are rampant and the culture is totally different what psychology damage would the character would sufferer.

and no you can’t falling in love with zombie, i decide it sounds too weird as a premise

@Diamondgirl If the UK is what you know best I say set it here. Work around the gun laws we have. Would she herself be likely to use a gun? Or will she need to improvise and use other weapons instead?

There are a number of ways you can own a gun in the UK and while they are scarcer I think that just adds to the danger of the whole situation. Zombies attack and the majority of people don’t have guns to defend themselves with. So the violent criminals, who do have guns have so much more power. And the military and the police too of course. And the farmers and people who go hunting.

Normal people will need to be resourceful. They’ll need to find weapons of their own, or find someone with a gun. I think not having guns as plentiful adds a new dimension to the whole zombie theme.

@FairyGodfeather ok i may change where story is set, there are not many zombie stories set in the UK especially choose your own story ones