Writing Group


I’d like to get a small group together to make a choicescript game. Where we would discuss ideas, paths, characters, etc. I only need about 2-4 people. If you can also code, that’s cool too. Writers are mainly needed though.


Sorry mate carnt do any add on stuff because of upcoming GCSE’S extc


What sort of game we talkin’ about here?


@JLBH I know the pain of GCSEs :frowning:
I’m currently going through mocks, but I can tell you now that you need to do lots of revision: I’m currently doing 2-3 hours a day, but some of my friends are doing less and they are struggling a lot.

Also, @Talon5505, I’m not personally interested in joining in on this, but I think that others might be more interested if you told them a bit about the plot- who wants to agree to write about something they have no interest in?


Yes tell something about the plot


I may be interested in participating, but I’ll need to hear a little about the story you have in mind.


@redgrave thanks matey choiceofgames options this year bit doing mocks and starting courses work now, good luck mate hope you pass an I will take into account!


Well, I was considering a type of zombie game.
So picture this, aliens have invaded earth, instead of destroying it, they wanted to control it. So they let loose parasites. These parasites can tunnel through the skull of a human/animal and reach the brain, when they do this, they control them.
This will start in the beginning of the invasion and continue throughout the invasion.


I’d be vary wary of writing a zombie story. It’d be compared to Zombie Exodus.

By no means am I suggesting that you don’t write this, I’m just warning you. You should always write what you enjoy, but I’d suggest making it massive, elaborate, unique and fantastic, especially if it’s in the zombie genre.


Sometimes all you need is a good plotty break, huh. That’s an interesting plot, but I can’t tie myself to any one person or project in fear of my alien masters learning of my rebellion against them… Or of humans discovering that my “rebellion” is just a way of getting a good group out of hiding all at one where they will make easy targets… Wait did I post that out loud? Dammit! See what I mean?!


I think if the story is really creative it will do well.


It could have some potential, if it were treated a bit differently than just a standard zombie apocalypse (and I can’t even believe those words can be uttered in that order without irony), like if the aliens themselves appeared at some point…

Color me interested, I suppose. I don’t know programming, but I might be able to help creatively.


I don’t know about Talon, but that’s one crayola color I don’t have


Hmmm zombie apocalypse alien style i might be able to help, i can code a bit and i can write a bit and a can draw a bit if that might help


@Doctor: It’s very obscure. You have to become a doctor in Nicaragua and operate on a blacksmith. After finding him in a room crowded with people that are hard of hearing.

After that, just perform surgery to remove the interested crayon from his left ventricle and start drawing on people with it.


@Archangel, well I’ve got the first step done!


@Doctor: Now you just gotta find a blacksmith in Nicaragua. :stuck_out_tongue:


The aliens would be appearing themselves towards the end (A lot)
Also the ‘zombies’ wouldn’t always be zombies. They would occasionally be controlled, have a purpose.


are you still looking for more people to join?


Always open. I’ll pm you.