Ideas for games


Hello,I am vira1969 and recently had some ideas for games,but I’m not good at writing nor have the time do it.However,if you are a good writer,or just want to try your hand at writing,feel free to use my don’t need to put my name in the credits,but if you do,I would appreciate it.Anyways,to the ideas!

Idea #1
You are living in a Orwellian world,with Big Brother watching EVERYTHING.However,do you agree with the Party teachings,or do you hate them? Try to live on the edge of poverty,while spreading the message of Big Brother or fighting them from in/outside on this Choose Your Own Adventure Game!

I have more ideas,but they aren’t fully formed.When i feel they are ready,I will edit the post.


Hello Vira. The best person to bring your ideas to life is you. We have writers of all abilities around here, some who have plenty of time to write games and others who don’t have much at all. We have those who’re published authors, some who’re still in school, and some who don’t even speak English as their first language.


That’s true,but being in school and all,I just don’t have the time to do something so time-consuming.However,I hope I can still help the forums,even though I can’t bring my ideas to life.Thanks for the suggestion!