Any ideas?


I know ive seen a lot of zombie games so I dont think id write about that, any ideas on what I could write about?


Write what you are good in, like if you are good in writing zombie things do that but if you are good in fantasy do that.
But that’s my opinion


We could use a good sci-fi, and so far, personally, I think most “super hero” games have been duds. Although, most everyone enjoys a good fantasy RPG also… It’s really about writing preference


yeah even if your good at writing those consipirisy politic games you should still start with that


Maybe do something like the life of a wizard which has been one of my favourite ever games


Oh my god this is perfect I have so many ideas yet I’m so lazy. XD Well you can adopt some of my aborted babies ( ideas ) if you’d like.


@Beezlebub what did you have in mind?


There are a few. For one I have an entirely new pantheon set up where you play as the son of a daughter of one of the gods. Secondly I have a dystopian world where mutants hybrids and human beings live together and must somehow gain control of the world. The mutant class has special abilities to help them come into power but have no political power whatsoever the hybrids have some influence and some powers but they’re more like the intermediaries between mutants and humans and finally the humans control almost everything but are weak compared to the mutants and hybrids. Last game is a game called “The Tower” which is about a dark overlord ruling over the land of Arelia where you are one of the citizens. The Dark Lord assures his own rule and immortality through the slaughter of the citizens in this cog you play as one of the people taken to be slaughtered but unlike almost everyone else you have special abilities.

I could let you have the second one and maybe the one about the gods but I think I want to keep my dark tower idea. Also the condition of taking one of my adopted babies is that I want to be able to offer suggestions and help you on your work. Send me drafts. :wink: