Game ideas

Hi avery one i am new around hear, but I have play all the the games on this site and they have really inspired me.
But i don’t have the time nor the talent to make them the bast they could be so I decided to put them up hear so you may take them and make them as good as they should be.

Love all your games I am a big fan.

Writing doesn’t take talent, it takes dedication, passion and practice. :wink: And some creativity, of course.

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The first game was a feudal japan zombie game. It sound dumb but if it was taken seriously It could have a lot of potential. you could play a lord,Samaria or even a ronin.i thank it wold be vary interesting because no one has done a zombie game in that contacts before.

Samuel_H_Young mostly it a time thang

The next game I thought of was a game ware you play a 40s/50s mad scientist super villain in a island fortress fighting off super heroes/spy’s and the world governments. I thank this one could be campy fun or a vary interesting look at super villains in general.
But just have fun with it. :wink:

So we basically become Dr. Evil? Brilliant!

I admit that a villain quest is what i have been waiting for a long time. Most games punish you for being bad even if its a choice. I just want to be evil as a main plot without it having to be some sort of parody.

I actually really like the feudal Japan/Zombies thing. I don’t know a whole lot about Japanese culture though so it would be hard for me. But imagining Samurai fighting off hordes of Zombies with bows/swords/bushido sounds really cool.

@citizenshawn really any mid evil time farm I just thought japan wold be cool

@Starkiller1013 If you really write that game, it would be nice to make some research about the creatures from Japanese folklore. My guess is that creatures called shikome would be perfect for your story.

I have one more idea I just came up with.
The game is set after/during a meeting between all the old wold pantheons of gods and after something happened a war starts.the player would plays a champion/ demigod for there pantheons. Like the Greeks,norse,Egyptian or really any group could do

I think it should be native american gods. They don’t get enough attention or love in my opinion

All of your ideas seem great! I especially like the Japanese feudal zombie one because it’s really different and unique. I’m not really into games where you play as the evil villain because I think I’m too “pure” for it. I feel bad whenever I make evil decisions even if it’s not in reality c: On the contrary, I’m a big fan of mythology, mostly into Greek but Norse, Egyptian, and Roman will do as well.

If u make a romance game I’m so there

The feudal Japan one would be especially interesting with Japanese monsters instead of traditional zombies. Look up yokai–there are some insanely weird (and awesome) monsters!

I’ve notice there not alot of superhero games so i thought of something like a kind of game life of a wizard where your superhero has only super strength,flight and super speed or maybe just be human who is knows martial arts the only way to better your powers or skills is to exercise, like speed training or lifting weights. You start out in you teen years by saving people from fires and robbery to fighting aliens who threaten to destroy earth and as you age you get stronger or even have children with romance interests. You decide you own suit and lair