Superheroes and zombies idea

Well first of let me say hi I’m new to the idea of making a choice based game on this site. We’ll the first idea for a game that I want to make is a game like marvel zombies. So the game will be very bloody and very dark in tone. I can’t really say much about the plot because I myself have not started yet and I’m still not sure which way I want to go with this story. Also my game will use some ideas from marvel zombies and DC the blackest Night . Right now the way I see the game it will be aimed at 18 year olds and not kids, The reason for this is because the story will go through what happens when the whole world falls apart and the heroes that are meant to protect the people are the ones killing them can someone raise up and stop them. What do you guys think of my idea for this game so far. PS your MC will have the choice to be super or not . What I mean by not super is that he will be like batman or Iran-man. For super powers I would like to know what type of powers you would like your MC to have. For right now my game is not in development and I have no idea how to work choice script so it will take some time for me to finish this game. Thank you so much to the people reading this and I hope to hear form all of you,


There are a fair number of hero games and some zombie games as well on this site, but I don’t think they have been combined before.

It seems interesting but we don’t know much about your idea yet. My advice is to just start writing. Have you seen the pages at

Choice script really isn’t that hard. If you keep your game simple at first you can just dive in and start writing! I’d love to see a demo/sample of your story if you start writing it up.

Edit: It would probably be best if you limited the kind of powers available at first. It will make it easier to write the story since you don’t have to re-write pieces of it based on the 20 different powers the player might have. you can always expand later, but it can be really hard to make progress if you make it too complex to begin with.


Thanks for the help I’ll check out how to use choice script . Right now I have some ideas of how the zombie Virus started but I can’t pick one I’m kinda undecided on which idea is best for the game .

Maybe we get to choose how the virus started :slight_smile: that would be kinda unique.

This seems like a good idea but you need to make the zombies able to die from non superheroes and the superheroes not to anhilate the zombies, also iron man and bat man both have no powers…

Wait could you technically synthesize a cure if your batman or ironman also will we get to choose which universe or will it be a mashup of the two also seeing as how the superheroes mentioned are all trademarked you’ll have to come up with your own

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I’ll make the game a mashup of marvel and DC , for the trade mark names I’ll make the heroes almost the same as there original counter parts, there names will also be very similar trust me just by hearing there name you will be able to tell who they are in the comics.

The main character is going to have the choice to be rich or poor when it’s telling you about his life before the outbreak.

The zombies won’t be easy to kill at all. The infected people will appears to be dead, or at least decaying, but they will keep there intelligence, personality and super power, The disease causes a powerful hunger in the host, a hunger which can only be slowed down by ingesting the flesh of the living; The hunger affects the infected’s self control the more hungry they are, the less rational and intelligent they become. Once the hunger is sated, the zombies personalities re emerges and the more humane and moral individuals often feel great guilt at this point but the hunger returns.

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Maybe asome sort of biological weapon is unleashed and some people develop powers and others turn to zombies

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