Game Concept Questions

Hey there,

I am quite new to the forum and the ChoiceScript engine itself, but I thought of, when I get more used to it, trying to make a game.
Now, I get the feeling that there are a lot of games about various topics and all, but I think there aren’t enough games about the different points of view that would come from unchangeable facts.

That being said, I was considering making (probably) a post-apocalyptic-themed game (maybe zombies or something similar to Children of Men), but from the point of view of a person in a wheel chair.

Though this would seem slow-paced, it would make it so that the MC has to take everything into consideration before making a decision in an action-paced scene.

My questions: Do you have any advice for me? (I would really appreciate some)
What do you make of this consideration?
How should I proceed about in-game informing the users that they are disabled?


I am also new to the forum so I cannot give you much advice, apart from my opinion. Role play is about being someone who you are not. Now this is usually an action involved role, but thinking as someone who is challenged can add a whole new element to a game that I think could be really interesting and challenging to play. As of how to inform the player it would be more interesting for the player to find out through playing, but again it is just my opinion. I would love to know more as you developed the game.


Sounds like a great game concept, however since you just starting out your first game you might want to keep it simple. Jumping into a large game concept can be very fustrating. I see a lot of great WIPs that never completed as the writer bites off more then they can chew. I started off with a monster idea and now close to five years later still working on said projects lol.

Of course you may be able to finish something like you’re talking about, more power to ya. We all like to see games completed and there is plenty of help to be had so it is something you need to be decide for yourself. This is just my friendly two cent advice.


First of all, thanks for answering :smiley:
Second of all, i will take your opinions into consideration, and i will try to keep it simple, at least in what i might try to do eventually.