What kind of ChoiceScript game are you looking for?


I hope the title isn’t misleading. Recently I’ve felt the desire to write a game, but all the ideas that I come up with feel inadequate or too complex for a first game. My mind always tends to jump to something grand immediately and then I never finish it. This time I would like to start small and actually finish something.

So, here I am, asking you what type of game you would like to see. This could involve genre, rating, gameplay aspects, whatever. And if you feel uncomfortable writing an idea you have here, but you want to share it with me please don’t hesitate to inbox me, your ideas are safe with me!

Also, I hope this isn’t in the wrong area, I wasn’t sure where to put it. “WIP” seemed like the only place that it belonged.


Something related to supernatural things?
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In what context? You are a Supernatural creature, you hunt Supernatural creatures, you study and or observe them? The first two have many games that fit them.

Where do you think it belongs?


I don’t know XP. You are writing it not me and other than that I am really bad it ( I thought I just had to throw it you will expand it).
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In my opinion, a good game is not really determined by its type or genre but by the characters, the story, the choices and the different paths you can take.

So I would like to see a game when I feel I’m free in my choices and the characters are well written and interesting.


Try changing the title to something more specific, like What kind of ChoiceScript game are you looking for? and move it to the category General or something.


What works for me when you’re trying to keep your story a workable size is to write down a general outline beforehand and try to stick with it. Changing the situation the MC is in to something that automatically limits the MC’s possible choices might also help.


I agree about that. I feel that if you can’t form an emotional attachment to the characters then the game is losing some of it’s potential. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy Bioware games. I always fall in love with the characters.


Thanks for the advice. I renamed it and moved it, hopefully it’s less misleading now.



Are you struggling to think of a plot, or struggling to narrow the focus? Both have their own challenges, but keep in mind that these games are inherently and primarily about one character. Start there. Flesh out every iteration of your MC, confident you have created something that people can relate to, and branch out from there. If you ever want to chat about this, PM me. Happy to help.


Either a badass person in some sort of fantasy place that accidentally gets some magical powers and then sacrifices themself at the end
A badass astronaut in some sort of sci fi place that ends up being almost killed in space but wakes up on some random planet and… Sacrifices themself at the end

(If you didn’t notice, I like games where the main character ,aka you, gets to sacrifice them self at the end to save everyone)


I’d be interested in games where I could be a succubus. I’ll leave peoples imaginations to fill in details :smiling_imp:


That already exists on the hosted page.


@DarthDovahkin, one suggestion I’d give would be to limit the number of characters in the story. Many people (including myself) get too crazy adding too many characters, and it becomes difficult to give them all the attention that need to become three-dimensional people. Seriously, a story with a MC and maybe two or three other main NPCs would allow a writer to really flesh them out and make the game deeper instead of wider.


Which one? I don’t recall seeing one but I’ve not played all the hosted games.

Edit, never mind, its dancing with demons. Could use more games where I can MC a succubus then :smiley:


There was one called monster high or something, whose author was a mod right?


Ooo old Ideas I never got to do anything with.

Amnesiac android!
who made you?
What were you designed for?
What do you do?
Are there people after you?

The Mind Is A Terrible Thing
You are a ‘gifted’ child in a genetic weapons lab
an experiment
a weapon
one day on a routine transfer the train derails and you’re loose
a super-human that has never seen the world
could be a few kids
could fast forward the years the escapee’s all trying to fit in or take advantage of the world
another ‘weapon’ unleashed to hunt you all down.
yada yada yada

Yeah I have more ideas that I can possibly do anything with, feel free.


Yeah, Sashira has that on hold for now though.


I was wondering what had happened to it…


Speaking of Bioware games, Jade Empire is free on Origin as an ‘on the house’ game.

I particularly liked Choice of Kung Fu (I think that was it) as it reminded me of that game. I find I really enjoyed good plots with interesting characters on here. As for my own ideas, I’ve always wanted to write an epic tale, but I can never quite get the balance right between the story and the interaction. Also, it is difficult to push the story through certain paths without making it so forced, so I admire any author who can write a story with multiple paths that doesn’t feel forced.


When does it start to feel forced for you? I’ve got an epic or two in my head but I’m trying to adapt them to this medium.