Rise of the dead

Hello! So i had an idea for a game wrote it out expanded upon it, and started coding. Im new to coding so i am obviously trying to understand it and so chapter one wont be out for a little while, but i hope that you will enjoy it when it does. The gameplay will be secret from everyone until alpha testing, but i enjoy my scenarios, there are currently names needed i need a boy and a girl name, suggestions welcome.

well bro let me give you a tip, i am new to i tried to make a game but it was a total disaster, but i dint give up, i am making a new game now. and here is what i learned,
it deosnt matter how good the coding is you have to make the text as best as you can, add as much feeling to it as you can (aka more text ) thats all ive got to tell you, and i am looking forwards to your game, sounds like a zombie game from the title and i love zombies

… yes it is irule and you gave up on the game? Just because i wasnt approvwd at the moment doesnt mean i wasnt on i have heen on all day all weekend and parts of last week.

i know i life has its twists and thats what my game is about

Mines about a person thats all i can give you for a hint.

i send you a message lets talk thier

lol nice hint

I know where the story is about : STUFF
am i correct ?(no really is it about stuff)

Judging from the title, it sounds like a zombie survival game. If so, keep in mind;
there are already 2 zombie games (Zombie Exodus and Choice of Zombies) from Choice of Games/ Hosted Games, although I know that the “zombie” craze is, well, crazy at the moment. Just make sure that the story is different from those two games. I would reccomend playing through both of them though, and reading pros and cons about each of them as a sortof guide.
But thats just my opinion. I do, however, look forward to it, and am awaiting more information about it. Good luck, and keep writing!

Or it is someting with living skeletons?
Succes with the writing :-bd

I suggest the name “Lucius” for the boy. Or “Bob”. But I lean towards “Bob” more. Good luck though with the scenario! :slight_smile:

I wont give anything away, but i have been working for a while and am trying to learn how to code. And yes PORT3R it is about stuff.

Still in need pf name suggestions and just for people to know the story will consist of multiple short chapters.

(It pulls from some old US census IIRC)
Everything by Seventh Sanctum is awesome, but this is actually really helpful. I’m horrible with picking names.

mitchell,marshall,roman,darius,daniel,…and romulus

Yes i had it right (i’m so smart)

Ok i would prefer suggestions not websites, sorry Reaperoa, but i like daniel so daniel it is. Still need a girls name


Maby Lucy?

I have finished the first few scenes. Still need rest of chapter one