Working on a new project

I am going to start working on a project I have a good idea for a zombie game but I am not sure if I should seeing that there are so many zombie games

If you’ve got a good idea fleshed out, do it. If you haven’t, flesh it out. If you’re not happy with that, don’t do it.

i personally think that there are too many zombie games out there but many people disagree with me so just do what ever you think is best :smiley: i will still play it

I have a good idea for zombie game but I also have on for a medieval game as well i wanted to know the thoughts of people because there are so many zombie games

Go for it! Ignore the people that say there are to many zombie games around, for all we know, yours will be a master piece. I’ll say what I said before in another post. Pretend JimD (the author of ZE) is a new member and has the idea of ZE, but your game and all the other ones have been made. If everyone told him no and he listened to it, then we wouldn’t have that awesome game.

lol @wolfiegrey i read your comment while listening to epic music and … well i can’t really explain it but yeah it was funny

Yah, you should go for it :stuck_out_tongue: I’m behind you 100%

Alright thanks

This is my first attempt at a intro be as harsh as you wish

It was the year 2054, 17 years after a global outbreak of a unknown virus destroyed most of the worlds population. The virus turned anyone infected into lifeless corpses whose only goal was to infect anything still living.

You were born in a village that had been put together not long after the outbreak occurred it was not a large place only having a few houses and other buildings scattered around it. It was also protected by a wall to keep the inhabitants safe, there was not many people but everyone there was kind. It had survived against countless attacks from zombie hordes as well as bandits since it had been originally built but lately it was having trouble keeping the out the intruders due to its low population. Your parents were so happy when they heard the news that they were going to have a baby and 9 months later you were born you were a beautiful baby……

After 17 years of constant raids, I don’t think the inhabitants of the *village* would be kind.

ha i guess you might be right

Lmao, never heard of anyone celebrating by having a baby, but I guess some cultures may do that and the idea of a baby being raised in an outbreak is badass

alright thanks


Really? Baby showers? Other such events? That’s weird

no i didn’t say they were celebrating i just said that they were happy

No, I mean celebrating by having a baby not celebrating the baby coming

Edit: Oh, misread on my part! I see now

oh OK

How many children have been born in this *village*. Considering its an outbreak, I think a child born would be a celebration as it means humanity *has* a chance of rebuilding. But it would also be bad as it means there’s another mouth to feed, and the crying and shit would attract zombs.

that is true i didn’t really think about how many other children have been born I was thinking only a few because of low population

And what is the total of “low population”?