Rise of the dead

Just finished coding chapter one, going to put link here once i finish publishing

so exited i love zombies 8-X

Name could be Elaine

Each chapter is VERY short just want to explain that i will probably have all other chapters after first be longer though, im very busy with other things so i dont have much time to code, thats why it will take atleast a week or 2 per chapter

Hopefully able to get game out this weekend

one moment


Game is up, only first chapter though

I read your demo, its ok, but its a rush and blunt speedy style of writing, for me its really dificult to follow your line and there arent a really descripcion and choices about my avatar its a game after all, but i really like the first page and with more descripcion and little less blunt , have a good future. Remember many people like me are no first hand english, care the vocabulary.

Pretty good so far. I don’t remember any spelling errors, but there was one time when my character was waking up, it said “I love my .” So I get the feeling something is missing there. :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, do you intend to keep it so that only the one path has you “survive”, as in get to continue playing a game? I played through twice and got turned into a zombie if I stayed but just ripped apart if I went to the bathroom. Is this on a random function or is it set? It just seems really early on in the game to have a ‘do one thing you live, other thing you die’. Either way, I should not have had six enchiladas, jeez. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and when you get to editing and such, I would suggest breaking up some of the walls of text near the end. I think it would provide much better pacing, particularly the scene where the patient is undergoing the injection…one line I’m cramping up and the next a little girl is getting her face torn off. I feel like it needs some sort of break in there somewhere.
*end spoilers*

K i will still edit this and release the edit with next chapter though so i will fix things like that and ill probably add descriptions and things.

Yes it was supposed to say {wife_hus} but i might have accidentally put (wife_hus) which probably was the case and would cause a blank area

*Spoiler* yes it is supposed to be like that and this is setting up the next chapters where the main story is.

I restart demo love the gore scene, you got talent for this scenes

yeah i agree with @marajade its a awsome game but is too rushed its like you din’t spent enough time on it, you need to describe it more clearly otherwise its a good game i hope you use my advice for the next chapter

Nice game so far looking forward to see where it goes :slight_smile:

Wow. Most “crappy” way to die. Can’t wait for the rest of the game to “come out”. :-))

Bad puns aside, I liked the game.

wait are you talkin shit about him or sayin he is good i accually think it was a good game

He is making a retrence to the ending where you decide to take a shit or not, i thought it was a funny comment xD

lol well that was tottaly wierd i pmed you, check it out