The Ending (WIP)

So I have begun coding and writing a game which I have (tentatively for now) named “The Ending,” and I am going to try and post a tad bit about it here until I figure out how to post it. I have written pretty well for only starting yesterday and have coded and checked it, and so far it is working well. Well, I get long-winded, so here is the gist of the game so far.


Well, I got confused and accidentally put it up pre-maturely. The game starts off in Hell and you have a choice of being a demon, Lost Soul(previously a human), Fallen Angel, one of Lucifer’s (the devil) children, or a human. Lucifer has disappeared and you have to either find him (demon, Lost Soul, Fallen Angel, Child of Lucifer) or you have to protect yourself if you are a human from the creatures coming from Hell to fund Lucifer. It will have other options, but posting them right now might get confusing.

My main reason for posting this before releasing a demo is to gauge the interest. If you think this would be good, please post, or if you don’t like it or are confused please post as well.

Sounds great… Reminds me of all the time I spent reading Ghost Rider comics

I think it sounds very cool.

It sounds interesting, I would like to see this!

sounds cool

I want to be the demon king >:)

@Kronos, you will have competition, for I also strive towards this! :(|)
Oops, wrong one. >:)

That mistake will cost you your life, for I am king! >:)

Will there be romance?

Yeah, but that won’t be in the first post of the demo. Romance was originally planned for it and I will try to give plenty of choices.

Gimme gimme gimme I want it sounds awesome

@wolfqueen sounds epic and amazing but i have to say that demons are fallen angels

@Boman19 Oops, I didn’t know that. I guess they aren’t demons then? They are made in Hell. I’m not sure what to call that though.

I love the premise. Can’t wait to play.

You could call them hellspawn… I think I’ve heard that term somewhere

Ok, thanks @Doctor. Now to go back and rename.

@wolfqueen glad i could enlighten you. I also hope i’m using the right word there

… No The Fallen are the fallen Gabriel was/is a Fallen theirs others he’s just the most prominent, Lucifer’s child or children I guess however your going to word it would be the embodiment of the anti Christ Biblically speaking I guess but forgoing that and saying child and not ultimate bringer of the apocalypse work better probably. Now to correct the only the I had an issue with so you don’t change that demons are Lucifer’s creations twisted souls an imitation of gods work on earth a jealous spiteful creation according to the story’s lol not Fallen Angels Lucifer is not a demon he’s gods first and most beloved and also the first to fall. And now that I made a wall of text for that I just want to say this again Demons are demons regardless of either being Lucifer’s own creation or twisted human souls their demons. Fallen Angels are Fallen Angels nothing else hear me roar lol sorry

Ok, I will just keep it as demons since that is simplest for now. I am doing good on the writing process so far, but I am confused on how to put it up still. I have followed many directions in the Game Development section, but any help would be much appreciated if anyone has spare time. If I finish my writing process for the demo and am still confused, then I will post a section in the Game Development.