Samaria (WIP)

Any of you that saw or read my earlier discussion will know I was looking for a coder. @XxLordNamelessxX Will be coding this with me. However he is dealing with RL right now so it will be awhile until I get a comprehensive demo.

For those who didn’t see my earlier thread it’s a game where you are stuck in a city by an evil vengeful spirit. I still don’t know how to approach this still so more ideas are welcome.

This game will focus on romance and drama. It will seem like a soap opera and a horror movie blended with the evil aspects and hidden secrets of a corrupt city called Samaria.

I can use ideas for characters in the city as well. Thoughts and feedback are welcome.

Original discussion:

I would love to help you I am full of ideas

I can help since my brain is overflowing with ideas :slight_smile: just ask anything

I didn’t even see this happened until now so I apologize. @XxLordNamelessxX had to stop due to real life so if either of you can code I would appreciate it (as of the forseeable future I’m using a public computer until I could afford a new laptop as mine fried :frowning: .)

Anywho I’m going to need a long time to actually start coding. However I could use character concepts for the town. Or what kind of spirit is affecting the town and it’s motivation. As of now I have one allusion to the spirit;

“It all starts with a nightmare. You’re walking through the woods then a grimly shadow descends upon you. ‘You’re here to stay now,’ it says then you wake up pain jolting through your body your wrist is cut blood pouring from it,” the old man says.

Otherwise just what you would like to see in general in this supernatural drama.