Surivor's Guilt WIP


Name: Survivor’s Guilt
Genre(s): Psychological, Supernatural, Action, Mystery, and a bit of romance.
Summary: Ten dreadfully long years have pasted since the very groundwork of your world was rocked. A sort of childish innocence that was then cruelly ripped away from your grasp, leaving you bared to the horrifying truth that was the real world. You were just a child then, forced to grow up too fast; Now you were a jaded adult, who just couldn’t forget the screams. The only other survivor, your brilliant childhood friend Malcolm didn’t fare any better, but at least you could both drown away the blood with your vices, together. The color had slowly drained away, blobs of black and grey making up your world until suddenly someone found it fit to once again paint it red. Now, being pulled into a world where nightmares and ghost of your past may just be the only chance at your’s and Malcolm’s survival, will you ever find out the truth behind the event that shattered you? Or will you seal your fate trying?

So that's my work in progress CoG. I don't know what else to say... Okay so what do you all think? Would you play it?  Questions? Ideas? Anything? 

I've barely even scratched the surface in writing the demo for you guys, and I've been trying to screw the basics of CS into my fallible memory so I won't fill you guys up like empty promises and tell you it's coming soon, cause it's not. Maybe. We'll see. 
~ Neon


Looks cool… And confusing. The best kind of game!


@Docter Haha, thanks. It’s suppose to vague-ish, not confusing. Sigh. So what part is confusing to you? I might be able to clear it up, unless I have to spoil something.


I think it sounds great so far, I really love these kind of games. Looking forward to it!


Awsome! Reminds me of a game called Infamous


Sound Like a Very intresting Concept/story If it were ever a real game I would love to beta test is out But,as @Doctor said it gets a bit confusing and needs a lot more to be added to the story as a whole.Never The less good job so far on the story


Sounds good but what’s going to happen in it?


@NeonStorm, just trying to figure out what exactly is happening here… Gray blobs painted red mean outside interference? Pulled into another world with ghost… Equals maybe dead? Trying to survive equals nots so dead… But some where different! Your right it is very vague. Perhaps that’s the better term, but I thing it’s the vagueness which is confusing me.

UNLESS! I think Ive got it.
The ghosts… Are they prisoners of their own device?
Must you go to the masters chambers, gathered for the feast… And stab it with your steely knife but never kill the beast?
Can you check out any time you like but never leave?!
Nope, still don’t have it


“Gray blobs painted red”
Okay, so in the beginning you see world as void of color, without anything catching your interest, until you find the aftermath of a crime that is eerie similar to the “incident” that scarred you for life.
“Pulled in other world” & “Trying to survive”
I can’t say much, because then there would be no point for the CoG just that supernatural is listed as one of the genres because of it.
DING! They are somewhere different and the ghosts are prisoners, just not of their own devices.


@Doctor lol showing our age are we.


Hey! HEY! No one knows my age… Not even me! I’m in my thousands I think…

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