My story is about a boy who’s life is turned upside down when his home is broken into by VAMPIRES and his mum and dad are killed. His parents were vampire hunters but now hes on the run from police, vampires and werewolves the only person with him is his little sister but why is everyone after him ???


when can a demo be expected?


Demo would be nice. The story seems like its based off of something I know.


Sounds a little bit like the beginning of Nocturnal Stillness by the name sake. @Antitorpiliko


not really i mean a little but not really


@CJW I suppose…


It kinda reminded me of Bloodbound, actually, especially the bit about house broken into by vampires and your vampire-hunter parents are killed and you go on the run. But, from what I tell from this description, this one is more about finding out why everyone is after you [conspiracy, plotting] compared to a coming to terms with self as a vampire/vengeance story [Bloodbound].


Ya, but i think bloodbound is supposed to be set back in the day. where this is more modern…


iam aiming for more of a living on the edge type of game like you are actually on the run from everything instead of a vengeance game as this is a game where you will want to know the answer Why is everyone after you ?!?

Also demo wont be up for a while because need help on character etc.this is my first choice of game … help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


sounds cool
this will probably be a stupid question but will their be an option to play as female?