(Not entirely sure if this will work)

–will do much editing later on. Its pretty late here atm so some of it may sound a little weird:p

Call me absolutely evil for starting a new CoG when I haven’t finished the last one (or gone anywhere relatively far in it), but this idea was just too much for me to pass on it! :C
I’m not promising anything this time, but I feel as though Vampires > Zombies just a little bit, at least, and I just wanted to add to the vampfandom.

I’m new to dropbox and it befuddles me because it wont take any of my .zip files, but I tried to mess with it, and here is the final result! Cx

Story outline (I promise it is more interesting than the other one you may have seen :stuck_out_tongue: I wanted to do a cliche historical fiction with that one…)
You, as you may have earlier guessed, play as a vampire in this game! Your family of vampire hunters are killed one day, after your father gets into some trouble with a clan of some really hardcore vampires. You and your family try to get away, but no! Oh no, you are turned into a vampire and welcomed into a clan(different vampires).
You can decide whether to:

  1. Follow in your parents footsteps and slay your (now) own kind
  2. Rise to the top of the vampires and become their new King/Queen/Leader
  3. Seek revenge on those jerks that killed your family
    or choose your own path whatever that may be. (As you can see, I am still working on this D8)

I am posting this early on because I have taken advice, and posted my first little seedlings of ideas out into the world to be judged and so, if there is anything I can do to make it better, I can change it without much hassle.

Enjoy! :smiley: Remember, I love criticism. If you have any comments/questions, please tell. That would be fabulous I also love flames. Thank you! C’:


my suspiscions were correct this is quite badass

I like it.
It’s pretty cool so far :slight_smile:

I’m not being allowed access to the game when I click the link.

Neither am I, comes up with a 403 error

error 403, seems fun though

The game needs to be inside the public folder of dropbox and you need to provide us with the “public” link

Try doing this:

  1. Place your “web” folder in the “Dropbox/Public” folder.
  2. Go in your “web” folder inside the “Dropbox/Public” folder
  3. Right-click the “index.html” file, go to the “Dropbox” menu and click “Copy public link”
  4. Paste the link here.

This way, we’ll just playtest the game online.

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Ok! I will do that! :smiley: thank you all so much! :slight_smile: it seems that my last comment didnt post but I am on my phone at the moment, so I must do it tomorrow after school ':c
Thank you all for trying though, and I’m terribly sorry about the delay! :frowning:

dont worry about it. however I will be driving tomorrow to see a girl who I love very much, so idk when I will play it.


the game sounds badass

I’m a sucker for romance and I would like to know if there will be any. ^.^

the demo don’t work or more correctly has an error when you click the link :-?

403 error i dont belong :S

I am so overdue on this :’) Oh dear.
Before anybody says anything… I have my excuses… <.< >.> The first day… I… Went… Surfing… Then… I was hungry. Then I had school. ':a

Here is the link.
Dropbox is not for me XD
I overwrote my last CoG, but I saved the data elsewhere C; (if you can call it that)
So you may notice that I haven’t changed the Stats page from Freydale XD I will do that later.

Enjoy/pretend :smiley: <3

@817819, I can’t help being naturally badass :confused: its how I roll, bro. (kidding) c; thanks!

@DonkeyKong, I also love romance! :smiley: and I would love to put romance in it, but we’ll have to see because I’m not exactly the greatest writer ever, so I will try and Try to (not) make it soppy/bearable/painful (delete as appropriate) c:

@djma46 @ice hopefully the new link will be okay! :smiley: any problems, just say! C:

@Antitorpiliko, aww hope that went well for you :slight_smile: and read it anytime! XD no rush :stuck_out_tongue:

I had no trouble with the new link :slight_smile: I thought what you have so far is very good. I liked how it transitioned from “oh everything is happy and we are singing” to “oh no! Run!” in about a second. Really worked well to draw me in. I find myself wanting to know what happens to my character and his little sister.

There were one or two sentences that I found confusing, but I could have just misread them. I will go back through and see if I spot them again.

I wonder, if our parents survive and we turn into a vampire…will they hunt us? That would prove an excellent conflict. Anyway, good job!

I like what I have read so far.

Just a note on the stat screen, it is not showing the player’s name or gender…

Leep up the excellent work XD

It did not end well for me. Liked the beta! Want to become a vampire though, they are better then humans