Poll: What do you think of these two ideas for a game?


While I want to finish up my current game, I have thought a lot about my second game. I am not sure in what direction I want to go to with the second game, because I have two ideas. I will most likely do both of these games at one point, but I just want to see which people would prefer to happen first.

Vampire Mafia Idea

As you can see from the title, you can see where this is heading. Vampires rule like governments, but own their own territories with their own “taxes.” Sadly, in this game you can not be a ghoul or hybrid. While you are a human being initially, you will be forced to become a vampire. What you do as a vampire is up to you. You can either join the mafia and be their enforcer. This does not mean that you will be collecting money. Oh no, you will be doing other duties like managing their money (if you went into business), making sure people keep quiet (did your parents abandon you?), etc, etc. Lots of possibilities, and I am sure I can keep updating this game when its released with more unique content to add more choices. If you want to be a good vampire, you can pick lighter options to do so, and the story will accommodate. If you decide to be a little cruel, the story will also accommodate. For example you can get presented the chance to feed on a human, if you decline you may not in the story be presented this option again, but rather you will get the choice to drink blood from a glass instead. Another would be is when you get for example attacked by a hunter, do you kill the hunter or leave him to live. The choice you make will represent you. If you let the hunter live, he may for example come to understand you more, and help you in the future. If you kill him, his children or friends for example might want to kill you for revenge.


There will be generations in this game, which means if X got made into a vampire by Y, then how far is X from the first vampire. So if Y is 9th generation, X will be 10th generation.


Each vampire has a master and so forth. Generations is the gap between the first and you. Each vampire has their own set of skills, which vary. The older and less generation gap, the more powers you can have.

Clans and Skills

There are no clans in this game, but each vampire gets their own set of unique abilities. However, you do still get same generic vampire skills, such as speed, hand claws, etc. This all depends on the vampire skills you choose.


This is a mafia type of game. You will choose a side. However, neither side is either just good or bad. There will be most likely 2 major powers in the city, but there will be smaller groups as well.

Will there be Werewolves, Mage’s, Witches, Zombies?


Zombie Apocalypse Idea

You start as X for X reason and then during X the zombie apocalypse happens. I understand that there are a lot of games like this, but my game will be unique. There will be different types of zombies and there will be that usual horde zombie as well. You can try to survive as a human or as an infected. You can make good choices, or be a complete ass, or have fun while you do your own thing. There will be one main story, but there will be side stories as well.

There are humans, Infected and Zombies. Infected do still require resources to live, but the type of infected you are depends on you. You can survive on regular food, brains or perhaps something else?


Everything I posted is just me just talking. Nothing official. I have decided to vague…so just say whichever one you’d prefer to play. If you like neither, then that is fine but please be constructive if you wish to be negative.


No actually. I’m sorry if that is what you thought. Think, supernatural powers instead. I will spoil a bit and say this.

In the game when you become infected (if that is what you become, depending on your starting choice and during in-game choices), you get the ability to reattain abilities from other infected once you eat their brains (not sure how you will attain powers, but that is just an idea). Each power can be simple, like faster speed, no more scars, better vision, better reflexes, or even physical prowess.

But keep in mind, zombies and infected look human, well, as human as they can be. There will be some changes, for example skin tone, eye color, hair color, etc… but they will not be these huge weird things like in resident evil.


Vampire Mafia. If you just want a simple answer about which, you could make a poll.


I like both ideas but personally prefer the vampire mafia one. It sounds really similar to Vampires Masquerade. It also seems like you’ve got more of it in fine detail so probably your best place to start. It’s not like you can’t switch between them anyways.


Zombie games have been way over done. Maybe if you did some thing new and interesting with it. However vampire mafia caught my eye right away. Interesting and different. If i were to chose between the two. Vampire mafia


Soo like the TV show iZombie where if a zombie eats a brain it takes on their personality/ mastery of Kung Fu. :smile:

Edit: I really want to play another zombie game, but with Exodus and stuff I’d prefer the Vampire Mafia.


Vampire Mafia, I am so sick of zombie games


A zombie game, if original and unique, can be good. However, like Lazerith said, it seems as if you have a much better idea about the Vampire Mafia. Plus, vampires+mafias=great


Zombie! If i can play as an infected.


I vote for Vampire Mafia.


I vote for Vampire Mafia.


One extra vote for Vampire Mafia here.


A few questions on Vampire Mafia: Will we grow on ranks (Example: Starting as an associate then becoming a made and so on)? Will we be transformed into a Vampire against our will or will we get the chance to decide if we’d like being transformed?


I don’t know but I doubt it… That’s one of the central points that make Choice of the Vampire unique and since this is Mafia we are talking about I think it will follow the same path Life of a Mobster took


Vampire structure will be something along the lines like this:

The older the vampire, the closer you are to the first vampire and the strong abilities you possess the higher you are in the vampire structure. Generally generation and age are somewhat “relevant” together, but there are ways to lower your generation amount. Other vampires will be suspicious of you if you have a lower generation amount, but appear to be young. Anyways.

Let me give a few examples of some vampires with abilities and then state their place in the vampire hierarchy.

10th generation, ~500 years old, Most powerful ability: Mist (ability to become a mist like substance.), can be a vampire leader in a city/ They are generally a corporate type, owning multiple businesses (using their ghouls).

11th generation, ~400 years old, Most powerful ability: Obedience (ability to make other, weak minded vampires to obey you.), can be a vampire leaders council member in a city. They are generally a corporate type, ex. club owner. They use ghouls as their generic staff.

12th generation, ~300 years old, Most powerful ability: Remove yourself (ability to make others not remember you. While vampires can “entrance” humans, they can not do so with vampires or other creatures. This ability allows you to do so.), can be a vampire council members enforcer. They are generally a manager at a business ex. bouncer/lawyer. They can have a few ghouls to service them.

These abilities are just things I just thought up of, so they might not be in the game or have relevance but I just hope you know what I mean.

Unique abilities will be placed upon the character (you) and several characters in the game. Weak vampires will not have unique abilities. “weak” is not a physical or “mental” attribute, it is … lets say a soul type of thing.

Anyways, any suggestions will be nice.


Vampire mafia just sounds awesome


Your vampire mafia idea looks like it comes directly from White Wolf’s Vampire: the Masquerade, complete with generations, clans, ghouls, and some features of the Camarilla government design.


I vote for the zombie apocalypse. There are a lot of games about superheroes, but not too many people point out the excess of superhero games on here. (Disclaimer: I don’t hate them.) Besides, I want to see what makes your zombie apocalypse story different from the other ones, which are for the most part rehashing each other. In the end who writes it best garners all the attention.

If you not only write this genre out in a unique manner, but write it well, too, you’ll make a profit, Shell-san. I’m telling you.


I’ll change too, because after ZE:SH I need a Zombie game to quench my hunger for brains… I mean zombie games… yes, zombie games…


After watching almost eighty percent of vampire shows and movies in the last decade, I think you are right to say that (about this game being similar to VTMB). I don’t see how using “generations” or “ghouls” is unique to that game or copyrighted IP. I am confident to say that there are ghouls in many vampire games and movies. Generations is, somewhat specific to VTMB, so I will not use it. Like I said earlier, everything I say here is just me thinking out loud. When I start getting into the specifics, I will attempt to make this game on my own. If and when I publish the game and you see that there is something wrong, then you can call me out on it. Until then… what I say here is just me talking.