Blood or Bones (WIP)

Hey! I’m James and this is my first post. I loved interactive novels and fantasy books. The subject I’m working on is a fantasy called Blood or Bones. Here’s the story~~~

In a shift of power, the monsters hold it. Every magic in humans blood veered to the monsters, leaving the world with disorder. Revenge in their mind, they attacked the world and planned to conquer it.

The world danced in chaos. Every day, thousands of humans perished in both monsters and humans hands. Government changes, with one country worshipping the monsters out of fear. Countries declaring war against each other, and war against itself. And behind all of it was your family.

Exiled by your family when you were only 8 years old, a group of thieves accepted you. You’re not blood related with these thieves, but they shaped your bones. You became one of them and they became your friends. But when your family surprisingly asked for your help, you must choose a side.

Are you of blood or bones?

What do you think of it?

I just got this idea while reading a book (Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo). The problem is that I’m new to choice script, and it might take some time to be familiar with it. I’m only 14 but I’m willing to learn.

If you have any question, I’ll try my best to answer.


It seems like it has potential but i would like to ask
What is the time period?

I’m intrigued. Why did the family exile you? :blush:

Thanks! It is set into a fantasy world, so it have its own timeline.

Most have the power of magic, and unfortunately the mc don’t have it. The mc family were ashamed of this and exiled the mc to another country.


This sounds like a very interesting game. The story seems familiar somehow but I can’t place why.

Good luck in writing!

Thanks. It’s a little familiar to me too, but I don’t why. Probably because I’m thinking about it all the time. :smile:

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You have a great idea for a story here.
Do you think it would still work, story wise, if the magic thing with the mc switched around? Maybe magic exists because the monsters brought it to the world and it shows corruption or represents evil to the superstitious humans.

Also, maybe this is one of the reasons the thieves took in the mc, seeing opportunity in the magic you use.

Thanks! The switch could probably worked but my mind already set about the mc having no magic. It’a a great idea nonetheless!

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Sounds interesting.
Good luck writing it. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m really excited for it.

In your imagination what does this world look like Europe, Asia, lord of the rings kind of or a Viking theme.

History is not my best ability but I pictured it with kingdoms. Most of the countries government are monarchies. This all changes though when the monsters gained magic. The monarchies changed their government since most royals were killed.

I hope I answered your question.


It doesn’t look like anything we know, because it is a Fantasy world, like Skyrim, Dragon’s Dogma, Witcher, Dragon Age, or even D&D if depending on the world… they aren’t like our world so we can’t compare them.

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So, countries fighting within itself, countries fighting other countries and, all it because of monsters (or the powershift). I like where you could go with these.

Lol. Makes the choosing really interesting. And makes me wonder what the MC’s role will be in everything that’s happening.

So, it’s not all black and white.

Family or friends aside, will we also be able to choose whether we’re going to help monsters conquer the world or save humanity from total subjugation? Will there be other paths we could follow?

You can choose to help the monsters or save humanity, but it’s how you do it. OR you can try to dominate the world by yourself.

You can choose to help the monsters by either joining your family, join the country that is worshipping them, convincing your friends to help them, and many more. You can try to save humanity by joining your friends in fighting the monsters, alone or with friends in getting the magic back, and more.

Along the way you will develop relationships and skills, and your plans might change. At first maybe you wanted to help the monsters and joined your family, but decided to betrayed for your friends or yourself.

What you think?

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Why did the blood migrate towards monsters?? Could you explain more about the difference between blood and bones??

The magic went towards the monster because of your family.

You have to choose a side, your family or friends, which is why it’s called Blood or Bones. Blood is for family, and bones are for your friends because they shaped you.

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I think you’ll have a lot on your plate, lol.

It’s how you do it that affects the outcome?

And I’d like to know more about the thieves’ group we’re to be adopted into. What do you have going for them?

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Sounds good I hope we get to become all bones ahah