Can anybody help in finding this WIP?

I’m sorry in advance if this is the wrong category!
A couple of weeks back I played this wip, and i can’t seem to remember the name at all.
In it, I think you’re a human (not sure if you can change your race). Your country used to be ruled over by a sun god of some sort, until two vampire brothers eventually fought, defeated and captured him. After couple of years (i dont remember how many, could be 7/8 or a century) the vampire brothers are suddenly saying they are going to let the sun god go. But in one condition- someone has to win one of their hearts. So they invite 7 suitable candidates from different countries to take part in some sort of competition. The one that can make one of the vampires love them back will win, and the brothers will let the captured god go.
If it helps, one of the brothers (the younger one, i think) seems to be a nice, sweet person while the assertive brother seems to be arrogant, sadistic etc.
I could be completely wrong with some of the information here, so sorry for that. Any help would be appreciated!

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This one perhaps?


Yes, this is the one!! Thank you so much!

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