The greeks (WIP)

Ok, first off I’m new here and just started playing text based multiple games. Surprisingly I really enjoy them. Well after playing a few of the games, on Choice Of Games, it sparked my own creativity and I decided to make my own script, (with practice of course, and maybe the help of others.) So this is what I have so far for ideas, would love for you guys to help brainstorm!
•I was thinking the story could be based around the Greeks or Romans
•the story could be about him growing up and being what they want or maybe their could be a twist of things
•Should their magic involved or no, besides the gods

Sorry if this isn’t good, I’m still new and I would the help of others to help me brainstorm this, thank you!


Something about the Greeks and Romans . . . with a “him” growing up and being who they (who are they) want?

This is very, very vague right now.

I’d love to make a more substantial suggestion, but I don’t get a sense of what you’re trying to suggest the protagonist be or do at all here, besides his ethnicity.

I now have the feeling to reread Heroes of Olympus…
I vote we have a god parent that we choose, for magic… some parentages would be better for somethings and worse for others but everyone can learn everything.


It’s not so much the idea that’s important but how it’s written. so just do what you enjoy

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I personally LOVE greek and roman mythology. I know tons about greek mythology and I will be willing to help!

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Thank you guys so much for the feedback, again it helps since I’m new. And yes if your willing to help that would be great.

You should make being a girl an option


This does remind me a little bit of Cassandra of Troy, another great WIP that’s out there right now! But whereas that one has a concrete plot line that’s already been set, it seems like you’re still feeling out what you’d like to do with yours? I think there’s definitely interest in the Greek/Roman mythology world for another WIP, since you would make exactly 2 games that I’ve heard of involving that.

You could always choose to do a heroic adventure, kind of like the Theseus or Odysseus, which sounds a lot more like your ‘growing up and being what they want’. In terms of magic involved, if you include the gods, well, it’s a bit inevitable. Every time a god intervenes, romantically or non romantically, disaster always strikes so there’s room there for you to write. Either way I think you provided a bit more structure to what you’re planning, people on the forums would definitely be willing to help :smile: